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Sandra Bennet

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Sandra Bennet is Claire Bennet's adoptive mother. She is married to Mr. Bennet and lives with her husband and two children in Odessa, TX. She breeds Pomeranian showdogs, one of which is the family pet, Mr. Muggles.

Character History


Mrs. Bennet has dinner with her two children. When she asks about their days, Lyle says he saw a homeless man that he and his friends thought was dead. Claire then tells her that she walked through fire, but didn't get burned. Mrs. Bennet thinks Claire is speaking metaphorically and praises her for her bravery.

Later, she asks Claire to accompany her to the mall that weekend and Claire agrees. Mrs. Bennet believes that Claire thinks she's trying to be her best friend again, but Claire reassures her. The two then have a heart-to heart talk about the importance of knowing who you are, and Claire asks her mother about her birth parents.


As Claire is wheeled into the emergency room, Mrs. Bennet looks on in despair. She calls Mr. Bennet on his cell phone to tell him of the accident.