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Game operator.jpg
Darsteller John Lee Ames
Erster Auftritt The Fifth Stage
Superkräfte Telekinese
Wohnort Jahrmarkt der Gebr. Sullivan
Tätigkeit Schausteller

Ein Spielleiter beeinflusst mit seiner Fähigkeit die Bälle an seiner Wurfbude im Jahrmarkt der Gebr. Sulliven.

Entwicklung des Charakters

The Fifth Stage

When Claire and Gretchen pass a game booth, they see a burly guy who claims to have played minor league baseball missing the bottles with every shot. Claire tells Gretchen to watch the game operator's right hand and, as the burly guy throws the ball he can be seen making a slight motion with it, and consequently altering the course of the ball. Gretchen dismisses him as a con artist, but quickly changes her mind when a small girl tries next. The girl makes an attempt to knock the bottles down, and although her throw is weak and is about to fall short of the target, the Game operator uses his ability to quickly lift the ball and guide it towards the bottles. The game operator congratulates the girl and gives her a stuffed animal as a prize.

Comic:Starting Over

When Eric Doyle finds out that the game operator is scamming Lauren, he uses his ability on the game operator, but Samuel comes to settle it down.

Heroes Evolutions

The Puppet Master

In chapter 2 of The Puppet Master, the game operator invites Eric Doyle and Lauren Shapiro to play the ball toss game. Doyle, confused as to why they keep losing, notices that the game operator twitches his finger and telekinetically controls their movements. Doyle counteracts the operator's trickery by holding him in place. When they still lose the game, Doyle forces the operator to retrieve a prize for them.

Evolved Human Abilities

The game operator has the ability to move things with his mind. He demonstrated it at Sullivan Bros. Carnival making a burly guy miss the bottles with the ball, by diverting the course of the ball. Later he helped a little girl in the same game by directing the ball to the pins.