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The first season of Heroes begins on the day of a solar eclipse. Various people throughout the world discover they have super-human abilities. One man, Mohinder Suresh uncovers his father's secret theory of a new leap forward in human evolution. Some people discover they can fly, change the space-time continuum, heal rapidly, paint the future, and read people's minds among others. How they got their powers is a mystery. How they will use their powers is up to them. One thing, however, is known; their ultimate destiny is nothing less than saving the world…


Genesis Nothing to Hide The Fix
Don't Look Back Seven Minutes to Midnight Distractions
One Giant Leap Homecoming Run!
Collision Six Months Ago Unexpected
Hiros Fallout
Better Halves Godsend



Originaltitel: Genesis
U.S. Erstausstrahlung: 25. September 2006
Dt. Erstausstrahlung: ?
Different people around the world discover their abilities while a solar eclipse occurs. A professor, Mohinder, continues his late father's work while avoiding another man who is interested in his work.

Don't Look Back

Originaltitel: Don't Look Back
U.S. Erstausstrahlung: 02. Oktober 2006
Dt. Erstausstrahlung: ?
Some of the heroes have problems accepting the fact that they are more than human. Hiro sees the future of New York City. Matt, a cop, can hear what people say before they say it, runs into trouble with his ability. Peter confronts Nathan about what happened in the alleyway.

One Giant Leap

Originaltitel: One Giant Leap
U.S. Erstausstrahlung: 9 October 2006
Dt. Erstausstrahlung: {{{DtErstausstrahlung}}}
Hiro and Ando travel to the US. Nathan publicly upsets Peter for political gain. Claire ends up in an uncomfortable situation and Matt encounters a mysterious man with an unknown power. Meanwhile, Mohinder discovers a strange apartment and Niki struggles to take care of Micah.
1x04 Claire car crash.jpg


Originaltitel: Collision
U.S. Erstausstrahlung: 16 October 2006
Dt. Erstausstrahlung: {{{DtErstausstrahlung}}}
Hiro, Ando, Niki, and Nathan all wind up in Las Vegas. Mohinder meets with Peter, who changes his opinion of his own power. Claire seeks revenge. In the end, a message comes from the future.


Originaltitel: Hiros
U.S. Erstausstrahlung: 23 October 2006
Dt. Erstausstrahlung: {{{DtErstausstrahlung}}}
Peter receives a life-changing message; Niki is questioned by police about her fugitive husband's whereabouts; Matt uses his power to better his relationship with his wife; Claire reveals her secret to her father; Hiro runs into trouble in Las Vegas; and Mohinder questions his father's work.

Better Halves

Originaltitel: Better Halves
U.S. Erstausstrahlung: 30 October 2006
Dt. Erstausstrahlung: {{{DtErstausstrahlung}}}
Before Hiro and Ando head to New York, they misuse Hiro's power. Claire meets her biological parents. Isaac and Peter are contacted by Hiro and relay the message. Mohinder heads back to India to bury his father. Niki's husband returns, and her alter-ego Jessica comes between them.

Nothing to Hide

Originaltitel: Nothing to Hide
U.S. Erstausstrahlung: 6 November 2006
Dt. Erstausstrahlung: {{{DtErstausstrahlung}}}
Niki worries when D.L. takes Micah. Matt and Audrey investigate another bizarre murder. Hiro questions his heroism. Nathan and his wife Heidi strategize on the election. Claire is shocked to learn where her missing tape wound up.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

Originaltitel: Seven Minutes to Midnight
U.S. Erstausstrahlung: 13 November 2006
Dt. Erstausstrahlung: {{{DtErstausstrahlung}}}
While Hiro runs into an issue in a diner, Mohinder struggles with his decision to abandon his fathers work. Mr. Bennet needs Isaac to finish his paintings in order to save his daughter's life.


Originaltitel: Homecoming
U.S. Erstausstrahlung: 20 November 2006
Dt. Erstausstrahlung: {{{DtErstausstrahlung}}}
Homecoming is near and Claire is voted Homecoming Queen. Peter heads to Texas to meet with Ando and Hiro to save the cheerleader. Jessica gets ready to have her revenge. Mohinder finds the answers he needs as he solves the mystery behind the mysterious boy, Sanjog Iyer.
Six Months Ago.jpg

Six Months Ago

Originaltitel: Six Months Ago
U.S. Erstausstrahlung: 27 November 2006
Dt. Erstausstrahlung: {{{DtErstausstrahlung}}}
Insight is gained to events that occurred prior to the eclipse. Sylar's beginnings are revealed, as is information about Nathan's accident, and Niki Sanders. Hiro, having traveled back in time to save Charlie, fails, and learns that his powers have limitations.


Originaltitel: Fallout
U.S. Erstausstrahlung: 4 December 2006
Dt. Erstausstrahlung: {{{DtErstausstrahlung}}}
A problem occurs when Mr. Bennet and Eden guard Sylar. Niki makes a difficult decision after Jessica causes problems for D.L. and Micah. Matt and Audrey meet up with Peter Petrelli, and later Claire, regarding the events of homecoming.


Originaltitel: Godsend
U.S. Erstausstrahlung: 22 January 2007
Dt. Erstausstrahlung: {{{DtErstausstrahlung}}}
Nathan worries about Peter and his vision. Niki sees the consequences for her decision, while Claire tries to befriend Zach again. Matt's investigation hits a snag, and Hiro's quest for his sword begins.
The fix.jpg

The Fix

Originaltitel: The Fix
U.S. Erstausstrahlung: 29 January 2007
Dt. Erstausstrahlung: {{{DtErstausstrahlung}}}
Peter meets Claude and asks for his help, while Hiro and Ando are abducted. Niki is offered help in dealing with Jessica, when D.L. comes to terms with raising Micah alone. Matt integrates his power into his personal life, and Claire and Zach try to track down Claire's mother.


Originaltitel: Distractions
U.S. Erstausstrahlung: 5 February 2007
Dt. Erstausstrahlung: {{{DtErstausstrahlung}}}


Originaltitel: Run!
U.S. Erstausstrahlung: 12 February 2007
Dt. Erstausstrahlung: {{{DtErstausstrahlung}}}


Originaltitel: Unexpected
U.S. Erstausstrahlung: 19 February 2007
Dt. Erstausstrahlung: {{{DtErstausstrahlung}}}