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Star Trek

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Star Trek
Hiro vulcan salute.jpg
Hiro gives the Vulcan salute.

Erste Referenz: Genesis
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Star Trek is a science fiction television and film franchise, set between 2151 and 2379 A.D. The franchise has spanned forty years, six series, and ten films. Hiro and Ando are big fans, Hiro more so than Ando.

Referenzen in Episoden

  • When Hiro states that he will also be able to bend space and teleport, Ando comments that it's "like Star Trek" (meaning the transporter). (Genesis)
  • Hiro tells Ando, "I broke the space-time continuum!", a phrase made popular in the Star Trek: The Next Generation series. (Genesis)
  • Ando comments that Hiro's "Kräfte beyond any mere mortal" are like Spock's. He then suggests that Hiro use his Vulcan death grip when he is dragged back to his desk by his boss. (Genesis)
  • After getting bounced from the club for teleporting into the women's bathroom, Hiro expresses his desire to be different as "I wanna boldly go where no man has gone before". This is from the opening monologue of Star Trek, and was eventually revealed to be a quote from Zefram Cochrane's speech before the first warp flight. (Genesis)
  • Ando sarcastically says to Hiro, "Na los, Scotty, beam uns hoch!".(Genesis)
  • 9th Wonders!, Issue #14 depicts the conversation in which Hiro tells Ando, dass er "in Welten vordringen wird, die nie ein Mensch zuvor gesehen hat." (Don't Look Back)
  • Hiro again compares his teleportation ability to Star Trek's transporters while speaking to the NYPD detectives investigating the murder of Isaac Mendez in the future. He then offers the detective the vulkanischer Gruß. (Don't Look Back)
  • Hiro repeats his Vulcan salute when he meets Isaac in Midland at the Burnt Toast Diner. (Fallout)
  • Kaito Nakamura's limo's license plate reads, "NCC-1701". This is the service number for the USS Enterprise. George Takei was an original cast member of Star Trek. (Distractions)
  • Hope calls Hiro "Sulu" just before she punches him in the face. (Run!)
  • Hiro gives Steve Gustavson the Vulcan salute and says, "I come in peace." (Run!)
  • Hiro and Ando part ways with the Vulcan salute. (Unexpected)
  • Ando tells Hiro that his whole life he talked about his favorite stories of heroes he wanted to be, Star Trek being part of those heroes. (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

Referenzen in Hiros Blog

Hiro's blog on the NBC site makes the following Star Trek references:

Additionally, the kanji characters superimposed on the header image represent the Prime Directive.



  • Dale Smither's hometown of Bozeman is the location of Zephram Cochrane's original warp engine project, and was a pivotal location in Star Trek: First Contact.


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