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Ort: Savannah, GA
Zweck: Trainingsanstalt für weiterentwickelte Menschen

Nach Jeremys Tod richtet Tracy Strauss eine Trainingsanstalt für weiterentwickelte Menschen ein.

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Comic:Reaching Out, Part 1

Tracy Strauss enlists the help of Eli to create a new training facility and home for specials in Savannah, GA. One of the first trainees they work with is Ricky, who practices his ability on one of the Eli clones. After meeting with Tracy at the Burnt Toast Diner, Angela Petrelli donates a check to Tracy for the facility after Tracy tells her that if Coyote Sands had this type of facility, it might have helped her sister. Tracy then returns to the facility to find Ricky and Eli talking. When Ricky leaves the room so Eli and Tracy can talk, an invisible assailant grabs a knife and prepares to stab Tracy.

Comic:Reaching Out, Part 2

Ricky returns to the kitchen and attacks the invisible person preparing to stab Tracy with his ability. The blast forces the assailant to suddenly become visible as a woman, Becky, holding the knife, and causes her to miss her target. The woman then disappears again, and Eli flees into a hallway. Tracy rushes after Eli, who replicates himself in the hallway and begins shooting at Tracy. Eli and his clones then follow Tracy into a bathroom, shooting out a mirror and a sink faucet while trying to hit her. Tracy is able to knock out the original Eli in the bathroom. Then, she casts a wide-ranging freeze into the hallway that catches Becky in her invisible form, about to stab Ricky. Afterward, Tracy praises Ricky for his help, and asks him to be in charge of the facility while she leaves to help Lauren Gilmore.


  • The specials training facility is similar to the "Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters" from the X-Men franchise.


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