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Claude appears.jpg
Claude fades into view.
Ursprünglich in Besitz von: Claude Rains
Absorbiert von: Peter Petrelli
Die Fähigkeit: Remain unseen in plain view

Invisibility is the ability to walk in plain view of other people without being seen.



It is currently unclear how Claude avoids being seen. Invisibility seems to be a passive power which can operate constantly without effort or concentration, although it can also be "turned off" at will.

Claude is not invisible to Peter Petrelli when Peter is mimicking his power, nor is Peter invisible to Claude.

Standing in plain sight at a sidewalk cafe, Claude was able to pick up a wallet from a purse on a table, remove the money from it, and put it back in the purse without anyone paying any attention to him. However, when he and Peter began struggling and knocked over a table, people nearby noticed something odd happening, even though they didn't see the two men involved.

Claude has some ability to make objects that he picks up or carries invisible: his clothes, for example, turn invisible with him. A pretzel he stole on another occasion, however, did not immediately become invisible. Why objects become invisible in some circumstances but not in others isn't yet known.

It is unclear whether the ability also hides sound — Claude covers Peter's mouth when they are hiding from Nathan and Mohinder to stop Peter from making noise (The Fix). However, despite making noise in the streets of New York, nobody seems to hear the two talking (Distractions), and Sylar did not use enhanced hearing to locate Peter when he turned invisible during their battle. (.07%)

While users of this power are invisible to normal sight, they can be detected using infra-red imaging devices. (Unexpected)

Peter has demonstrated the ability to turn at least one other person that he is touching invisible with him. (Landslide)



"You can see me! Nobody sees me, do you hear me? Nobody sees me — I'm invisible!"

- Claude (to Peter) (Godsend)


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