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Wandering Rocks

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Wandering Rocks
Design wandering rocks.jpg
Ort: Cork, Irland
Zweck: Pub

Wandering Rocks is a pub in Cork, Irland. Peter Petrelli is taken here by the Irish thugs after he is found in the shipping container at the shipping yard.

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The Irish thugs have brought Peter here after they find him. They tie him up and try to beat him into revealing the location of the iPods they were sent to steal by McSorley at the shipping yard, finding him instead. He doesn't remember anything and is knocked unconscious. Later, Ricky's sister, Caitlin, comes in to clean him up and discovers he is unharmed even after being beaten unconscious. That evening, some of McSorley's goons come into the pub to take Caitlin. However, Peter, who has escaped by phasing out of his binds, comes to her rescue. He uses several powers to do so, denying it later. Ricky returns after he finds out and lets Peter know that one of the goons was McSorley's son, thus making matters worse for he and his crew. He convinces Peter to help him with a 'little job' by showing him the box that contains everything he had on him when they found him. He promises to give it to him after the job.


In the Wandering Rocks, Ricky makes Peter a deal to get his identity. Peter hears Will's thoughts about stealing the lockbox money after the robbery. Peter mentions this, and Ricky becomes upset at such an accusation. He shows Peter his family crest tattoo, and tells Peter that Will is his brother.

Later, Peter practices recalling his powers in the back of the pub, but finds his attempts do not work. Caitlin asks how it works, but he tells her he doesn't know.

After the robbery, Ricky opens the lockbox and drinks a pint as Will pulls a gun on Ricky. Peter comments that he was right, and Will agrees and shoots him twice, then continues to threaten Ricky. Suddenly, Will is thrown against a wall, and the bullets shot at Peter fall from Peter's chest as he chokes Will telekinetically. Caitlin yells at Peter to stop, and he drops Will. Will gets up and runs away. Ricky looks on in amazement as Caitlin gives Peter a questionable look.

Later, Peter receives a tattoo of the family crest from Caitlin in the pub, and Ricky tells Peter that he knows he's one of them. He tells him that they have no secrets among family, and places the box in front of Peter. Caitlin asks if he'll open it, but Peter decides that he can wait on discovering his past.

Fight or Flight

At the pub, Peter and Caitlin kiss, and are interrupted by Ricky and a man. The man tells Peter that a woman was looking for him, and Ricky suggests that he and Caitlin stay at her flat. Later, the woman visits the pub, and asks Ricky if she knows Peter. Ricky denies ever having seen Peter, so the woman kills him, using electromagnetism. Later, Caitlin and Peter come to the pub to find Tuko sitting next to Ricky's charred body.

The Line

In the Wandering Rocks, Peter and Caitlin decide to go to Montreal.


  • According to an Inside Heroes video, the set for Wandering Rocks was built in the same location as the Burnt Toast Diner. Both sets were built on the Universal backlot.
  • According to Ruth Ammon, the pub's design was inspired by McSorley's in New York. In fact, a character was even named for the real-life pub.
  • The Wandering Rocks is the title of episode 10 in James Joyce's novel Ulysses in which several characters move about and cross paths in Dublin. As Joyce's Ulysses parallels Homer's Odyssey, ultimately the rocks come from the mythical clashing rocks that were in one of only two paths the hero Odysseus could follow home.

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