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Webisode:Destiny, Part 4

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Santiago finds freedom in the sanctuary of family.




In the warehouse where Santiago had been brought, Elisa leads Santiago to the locked exit door and embraces him in a kiss. She then dematerializes into water and rematerializes on the opposite side of the door and opens it. However, three gunmen have arrived and fire automatic rifles at them per the Ernst schauende Frau's instructions. Santiago uses his ability to dodge the bullets and quickly get himself and Elisa out of the line of fire. As Santiago and Elisa escape outside, the serious looking woman makes another call.

Upon getting outside into an alleyway, Santiago realizes he is not in Lima anymore, and Elisa explains that they brought him to this warehouse in Chicago, where the organization trains their agents. Then, a car rushes at them and Elisa pushes Santiago out of the way. Elisa avoids self-injury by again turning into water.

Santiago and Elisa return to Lima and find Iris in church. Santiago explains his predicament to his mother; and she informs him that she has been keeping secrets of her own, and shows him her ability to create fire. Iris continues that now that they know of Santiago's ability, they cannot run anymore and must fight. Santiago then gets an instant message from an unknown party, directing him to go outside.

On a walkway outside the church, the serious looking woman takes a cell phone call from a Auftragskiller. He informs the woman that the target is approaching, and she tells him that everyone involved must be eliminated. The man acknowledges her order and hangs up. Then, a blur sneaks up quickly behind the woman. The serious looking woman turns and spots Edward, Santiago's father, standing in front of her. Edward explains that he faked his own death, and knows that the woman has broken their deal to stay away from his family. He then uses his ability to shock the woman with a form of lightning.

While Edward is zapping the serious looking woman, Santiago arrives and observes his father. Edward then turns and walks to his son and embraces him. The serious looking woman has collapsed onto the ground. The woman's eyes then reopen and she closes her hand tightly around that key.


"So you betrayed me, after all we've been through."

"Like I said, I had no choice."

"No, but you are responsible. And we always have a choice."

- Edward, Ernst schauende Frau


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