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Webisode:Going Postal, Part 3

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Has Echo DeMille met his match?

Mailman Echo DeMille looks to escape Die Firma's clutches in the finale of 'Going Postal'.




As someone knocks at the door, Echo tells Gina to take his car and flee by herself to the cafe on Newburry, and if he is not there in 30 minutes to take off and keep driving. Echo also hands Gina a couple earplugs to use, saying he is going to tell these guys to get the hell off his front porch. Gina then heads outside to the car, and plugs the earplugs into her ears.

Back inside, Echo lets in two agents into his home. As they walk by the Constrictor's motionless body on the floor, the first agent says they just want to talk. Echo replies that instead they're going to listen and lets out a very loud scream.

13 weeks later, Echo is bound and gagged in a Level 5 cell. Outside the cell window arrives Angela Petrelli, who looks at Echo through the window and comments, "Echo, Echo, Echo. You always were the mouthy one. I guess some things never change. Welcome home." As Echo tries to say something through his gag, Angela holds up a finger to her mouth and shushes him.


"We just want to talk."
"Na, you're going to listen."

- Agent 1, Echo DeMille


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