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Zeitungsausschnitt (Jackie)

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Zeitungsausschnitt (Jackie)
Jackies clipping.jpg
A newspaper clipping shows Jackie Wilcox taking credit for Claire's rescue of the injured man.

Erste Erscheinung: Homecoming

Jackie Wilcox took credit for Claire's rescue efforts. A newspaper article chronicled Jackie's fallacious acceptance of an award.



Claire Bennet charges into one of the burning cars of a train wreck in Odessa, TX, and saves a man overcome by the heat and smoke. A firefighter, Officer Ramsford notices that Claire appears unhurt.

Kein Blick zurück

At school, authorities are trying to find out who saved the man from the fire at the train wreck. Sheriff Davidson and Officer Ramsford question the cheerleaders, but none take credit. Officer Ramsford seems to identify Claire, just as Jackie Wilcox steps up to spuriously take the credit. Claire does not protest to avoid suspicion about her regenerative ability.


On the night of the Union Wells High School Homecoming Dance, Peter looks in a trophy case with a banner calling Jackie a "hero". He notices a newspaper clipping of Jackie, in her cheerleader outfit, falsely accepting an award for rescuing a man from the train wreck. Just then, Claire runs into Peter, who asks her if she knows Jackie. Claire tells Peter that the girl in the newspaper is a cheerleader. Claire asks if Peter is a reporter, and tells him that Jackie's actually not special. When Peter points out what Jackie supposititiously did, Claire claims to be jealous, and says that she's not winning any popularity contests.

Moments later, Sylar looks at the same newspaper clipping. The article leads Sylar to believe that Jackie is an evolved human. He pursues her into the locker room, opens her head, and kills her.


The article is probably from the local Odessa newspaper, the Odessa Register. This is the same paper that reported on the train wreck.

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