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Anna Korolenko

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Anna Korolenko
Anna gn.JPG
Erster Auftritt iStory
Superkräfte Neurologische Schädigung
Geburtsort Siberien, Russland
Wohnort Ithaca, NY
Tätigkeit Kellnerin, College-Studentin

Anna Korolenko ist ein weiterentwickelter Mensch mit der Fähigkeit, die oberen Hirnfunktionen derer um sie herum zu manipulieren.

Entwicklung des Charakters

Comic:Red Eye, Part 1

Anna witnesses the Killertruppe torture Ricardo Silva while she is restrained. Despite being kidnapped by Ricardo in an attempt to take down the Kill Squad and her personal promises that she would never use her ability again, she activates it against her captors. To her surprise, Ricardo then activates his ability to bring about Urwut, which instigates a fight among the Kill Squad members. Soon, all the Kill Squad kill each others. Anna lashes out in horror as Ricardo attempts to get her attention. She angrily tells Ricardo to look at what he made her do. He then refutes that they were going to kill them, but Anna accuses that Ricardo only wanted her to help kill the Kill Squad all along. She calls him a monster, then runs away tearfully, declaring that so is she.

Comic:Red Eye, Part 2

During the night in Ithaca, NY, Anna goes to the campus bookstore where she goes to school and purchases some textbooks. While paying, she tells the clerk that she is living in town now and will see him around. Upon exiting back onto the campus grounds, Anna recalls that she came here to stop running and begin a new life on her own, and that now she is a waitress at the Blue Dolphin Diner working the overnight shift. Anna walks by a Nissan Versa and continues walking thinking on how she has heard that Primatech is supposed to be gone, but she worries that Ricardo is likely still searching for her. Suddenly, Anna is startled when she runs into a girl that is asking directions to a lecture hall where the college is holding an open house. After calming herself down, Anna gives the girl the directions, and introduces herself. She learns the girl's name is Claire, and explains to her that she goes to school during the night, then listens to Claire's story.

When a couple of security guards attack and shoot Claire, Anna uses her ability on the guards to stop their attack. Anna then spots Ricardo approach them, but at first ignores his explanation for what he had done to protect her. Anna shouts for help for Claire, but before someone else arrives, she is startled to witness Claire regenerate her wounds and get up. Anna also realizes that she must be getting better control over her ability as the guards come to, having only their short-term memories erased. Anna tells Ricardo she wants nothing to do with him because of what he has done and forced her to do. However, Anna is convinced by Claire to hear Ricardo out so Anna invites them both to share dinner with her, and tells them that the dinner is on her.

Heroes Evolutions

Operation Böses Blut

In chapter 2 of Operation Bad Blood in the iStory, the Pinehearst contracted player visits a lab in the Pinehearst Hauptquartier in Fort Lee, NJ. The player learns that Red Eye appears to have been broken in and kidnapped a young girl named Anna from the building, and took some tranquilizers and wake-up juice.

Questioning Mohinder Suresh, the same player learns that Anna had seen Pinehearst as a new home. She was taken away from a Siberian orphanage for abusive and violent children, where she suffered after having destroyed her family with her ability. Mohinder also explains her ability and notes that he got the sense Anna was glad to be at Pinehearst, and thought it was a haven for her, a home. Mohinder supports the kidnapping theory, noting that Anna's ability to remove higher brain functions would make many individuals more susceptible to Red Eye's power to make them turn on each other, and that by removing inhibitions, judgment, and control, Anna could expand Red Eye's power to such a level that he could turn a whole crowd into a raging mob.

In chapter 3 of Operation Bad Blood in the iStory, Anna is led by Red Eye into Maya Herrera's apartment in New York City. Anna gets injected with a drug by Red Eye, which he claims will wake her up completely so she can use her ability again. She then feels the effects of Red Eye's ability, and begins to lose control of herself, feeling anger and anxiety. However, it is then that an Sonnenfinsternis occurs and Anna and Red Eye lose their abilities. The Pinehearst contracted player protects Anna from the Kill Squad, claiming she was not with Red Eye. The player takes her down the back stairs, explaining that he works for Pinehearst and Pinehearst still wants to help her. But upon getting outside, Anna and the player are captured by a Primatech agent. The Primatech agent takes Anna to where other agents are gathering, and a higher-up orders for them to be taken away for questioning.

In Kapitel 4 der Operation Bad Blood in the iStory, Anna sits crying softly on a cot next to the Pinehearst contracted player in a bare Primatech cell. She has been beaten and is bleeding from her nose and mouth. Anna is then taken for more questioning by two Primatech guards. A few minutes later, Anna is returned to the cell and talks about herself and her life in Siberia to the player. She then also tells the player about Red Eye's plan to attack the Killertruppe at their base in Alaska. Then, the cell doors open and Angela Petrelli and an Asian man enter having overheard the conversation. The player explains that Primatech offered to release them both for the information, and the Asian man escorts her away. Angela later tells the player that Red Eye will find Anna again.

In chapter 5 of Operation Bad Blood in the iStory, Priscilla Van Cleef informs the Pinehearst contracted player that the searches for Anna and the Kill Squad have been called off while they train their new military recruits. However, when the player gets new intel from Lloyd Collins and Carla Klaus lends her support for a mission, Priscilla changes her mind and authorizes the player and Carla to proceed. While in Alaska, Aaron Taylor gives the player an aerial photo of Red Eye and Anna taken by his Predator-type drone. The player shows this photo to the Primatech contracted player that captured the player and Anna in New York City and explains that the player is searching for Anna and was working undercover in the Kill Squad for Pinehearst. In the photo, Anna and Red Eye are running through a clearing near a river and ahead of them is a dam. The player adds that the player couldn't care less, any more, and is just here for Anna--that she needs the player. The Primatech agent then disagrees, saying that Anna needs them both and lowering his gun.

Operation Splitter

In chapter 2 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, the Primatech contracted player arrives at a run-down apartment building where Red Eye used to live. The player finds Anna, a teenage girl with a Russian accent, slumped over on the front steps. Anna asks the player for help and to not enter the building because she was told it was dangerous. When the player asks to enter again, she adds that she is dangerous too.

In chapter 3 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, Anna is dragged into Red Eye's car, and Red Eye drives with her to Maya Herrera's apartment in New York City. A Primatech agent captures Anna with a Kill Squad member, and brings them to Marie Dunn. Anna is grabbed by the throat by Marie and asked about Red Eye. However, Anna cannot answer cause she is choking. Anna and the captured squad member are then taken away to a cell for future questioning per Marie's orders.

In chapter 4 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, two Primatech interrogators are questioning Anna in a Primatech facility. Anna is strapped to a chair and one interrogator is preparing to strike her again with his hand. In an observation room that has a one-way window; Jeremy Woo, Angela Petrelli and the Primatech contracted player watch and debate the interrogation. Angela orders Jeremy to continue the interrogation.

In chapter 5 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, the Primatech contracted player looks at a photograph given to the player by a man claiming to be Pinehearst contractor that was undercover in the Killertruppe. It is an aerial photo of Red Eye and Anna from above and the Pinehearst player claims that the photo was taken east of here and that they are headed toward a dam. The Pinehearst contractor claims to not care about the Kill Squad conflict anymore and just needs to rescue Anna, saying she needs him. The player then stares at the photo and corrects him, saying that she needs "us".

In chapter 6 of Operation Splinter in the iStory, Anna is spotted by the Pinehearst and Primatech contractors arguing with Red Eye in the dam's "Generator Room". Later, she convinces Red Eye to stop using his ability on the Pinehearst and Primatech contractors and then follows the Pinehearst contracted player's plan to accompany the dam workers as they try to escape the dam. Red Eye ends up being killed by the Kill Squad, leaving Anna distraught when she finds his body next to the control shed. She rushes over and weeps over his body.


  • The above iStory character history depicts the most optimal events from the perspective of the iStory player. As per graphic novels Red Eye, Part 1 and Part 2, Red Eye doesn't die and instead gets captured by the Kill Squad along with Anna. For the cases where that occurs and the other possibilities/outcomes for the final chapter, see Operation Splitter/Kapitel 106 Alternativen.

Weiterentwickelte Fähigkeiten

Anna hat die Fähigkeit, die oberen Hirnfunktionen derer um sich herum abzuschalten, wodurch sie andere ohnmächtig werden lassen und Erinnerungen entfernen kann.

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