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Anti-Ortungssystem Allianz

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Anti-Ortungssystem Allianz
Anti-Tracker Alliance.jpg
Hana meets Ted, Mr. Bennet and Matt somewhere between Odessa and NYC. (The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 1)
Bekannte Mitglieder: Mr. Bennet, Hana Gitelman, Matt Parkman, Ted Sprague

Ted Sprague, Matt Parkman, Mr. Bennet, and Hana Gitelman come together in an informal alliance to take out |the Company's tracking systems: the isotope and Walker tracking systems.



Hana Gitelman introduces herself to Ted Sprague in his cabin in the Nevada desert. Later on, they both go to Los Angeles and Ted introduces Hana to Matt Parkman in the cemetery where his wife is buried. Matt learns that Hana has also been abducted by Primatech, and decides to work with them. Hana feels Matt and Ted are being driven by anger rather than righteousness and leaves the cemetery on her own.

Die Firma

Matt and Ted go to Mr. Bennet's house to get information on Primatech, and end up holding his family hostage. Their plan backfires and they are both captured and held prisoner.

Comic:The Path of the Righteous

Hana follows an intercepted trail she hopes will lead her to the higher-ups responsible for Primatech, but loses the trail after rescuing a girl being filmed by a child pornographer, and reporting the action to the authorities using her ability.

Comic:War Buddies, Part 1

Hana receives a message from Mr. Bennet and beings a mission to retrieve a highly-classified Pentagon file.

Comic:War Buddies, Part 5

Hana finishes reading the file Mr. Bennet wanted her to get. She learns the military identities of Austin and Dallas are those of Linderman and Mr. Petrelli, respectively, and that Austin has the special ability of healing.

Der schwierige Teil

Matt, Ted and Mr. Bennet escape from Primatech, where they were being held captive. They decide to go to the Company's NYC facility to destroy the Walker tracking system.


After arriving in NYC and encountering Peter Petrelli and Claire, Ted decides to leave the group and accompany Peter and Claire to a safe-house in Nebraska. However, Ted is captured by FBI Agent Audrey Hanson and is later killed by Sylar who ambushes the prison truck on its way to the Federal Penitentiary.
Mr. Bennet and Matt make it into the NYC Company facility and discover that the tracking system they want to destroy is really a little girl named Molly Walker. Mohinder Suresh knocks out Matt and points his gun at Mr. Bennet. Mr. Bennet points his gun at Molly and threatens to shoot her.

Wie man einen explodierenden Mann aufhält

Matt wakes up and stops Mr. Bennet from shooting Molly, and Mohinder from shooting Mr. Bennet. Instead, they decide to rescue Molly and use her to locate Sylar.

Comic:The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 1

Hana meets Ted, Mr. Bennet and Matt in a playground somewhere between Odessa and NYC. Mr. Bennet asks Hana to disable the satellite the company uses for the isotope tracking system. Hana goes to Hong Kong to obtain a rocket she can use while Matt, Ted, and Mr. Bennet continue on to NYC.

Comic:The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 2

Hana goes to a launch site to take out the Company's satellite. In space, she sends it a self-destruct order. The satellite infects her with a virus. She jumps onto the satellite as it begins to descend, sacrificing herself for all evolved humans.


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