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Diskussion:1.23 Wie man einen explodierenden Mann aufhält

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Wrong fact

the "fact" with 4 shots and 5 bullets in the air is wrong. in the one scene, where sylar freezes the bullets in front of him there is one dot which seems to be a bullet, but it isn't - Phoenix87

  • This is the german wiki and therefore we speak german. As you are speaking english i suppose you either don't know that this is a german wiki or you just can't speak german. If you are looking for an english-speaking wiki try heroeswiki.com otherwise, speak german ;) This article was copied from the original heroeswiki and i guess that this mistake (if it is one) is already included in their version of this article. Maybe you should start a discussion over there. It's still some time till this episode will be aired in germany and that means we got plenty of time to figure this out :) As i see you have already edited the article and remove the entry about the bullets etc. Can you show us a screencap of the scene this refers to? If you, then i will have to see for it myself and rewatch this episode. - Waldmeister 13:20, 29. Okt. 2007 (EDT)