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Durch einen Schlag außer Gefecht

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Durch einen Schlag außer Gefecht
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Eine Wache mit gebrochener Nase easily knocks out a formidable inmate.

Many characters are knocked out with one punch, often for a comedic effect.



Ando and Hiro are thrown out of a casino for cheating, where they meet one of those whom they had cheated. When confronted, Ando warns them that Hiro will use his powers on them. In response, one of the men punches Hiro, knocking him unconscious.


To defend her friend, Claire punches Jackie in the Union Wells hallway and lays her out.

Comic:Wireless, Part 2

At an Einrichtung der Firma in Alaska, Mr. Bennet punches Hana, who is overwhelmed by her newly-realized powers, and knocks her out.


Once Peter realizes how to use his acquired powers, he is unable to control them. Claude knocks him out with a single punch to avoid a possible overload.

A guard, using a baton, knocks out Niki at the Frauenbesserungsanstalt.


Hope punches Hiro and knocks him out after he learns that she has misrepresented herself.


Ando dresses as a security guard and surprises Lindermans Kurator with a blow to the head, knocking the curator out.

Niki tells Nathan to knock her out so that Jessica will realize she is not in control. Nathan knocks her out with one punch.


Mohinder knocks Matt out with a blow on the head.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Niki uses erhöhte Stärke to punch Candice and send her across the room, knocking her out cold.

Four Months Later

Hiro is briefly knocked out by a single punch to the face from Takezo Kensei.


Tuko punches Peter to render him unconscious. Later, Peter punches McSorleys Sohn using erhöhte Stärke, knocking him across the room.


Ricky knocks out a guard with the butt of a shotgun.

The Line

Noah knocks out Ivan with a gun in his hand.

Kensei knocks out a guard with a single punch.

Kensei hits Hiro on the back of the head.

Other One Punch Confrontations

Ein gewaltiger Schritt

After Nathan claims that Peter is suffering from Depression at a campaign event, Peter manages to get one good punch in before Nathan's security staff pull him off.

Nichts zu verbergen

At Matts Bezirk, Matt telepathically learns that Tom McHenry is sleeping with Janice. He punches Tom, and other officers pull Matt off Tom.


Matt schlägt Tom McHenry.

Comic:Isaac's First Time

At the Deveaux Galerie, a woman punches Isaac because she is upset that one of his paintings depicts her death.

Comic:Wireless, Part 1

Hana punches her IDF enlisting officer in an attempt to prove to him that she is worthy of joining the military.

Upon meeting Hana in Israel, Mr. Bennet punches the lieutenant, knocking her to the ground.

Comic:The Path of the Righteous

Hana punches a Kinderpornograf and easily bloodies his face.

Comic:War Buddies, Part 5

At their Vietnam base, Dallas angrily punches Austin and calls him a "lying sack of sh."

Comic:The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 1

Hana remembers when she was in the Alaskan tundra, she punched Mr. Bennet, breaking his glasses in half.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

Sylar telekinetically moves a parking meter into his hand and gives Peter a big whack.

Niki snatches the meter from Sylar and returns the favor.

Comic:Golden Handshake, Part 4

Claude knocks a terrorist out with a stick.

Out of Time

Yaeko slaps Hiro in an attempt to make him more sober.


  • The "sound effects" associated with the graphic novel punches have been varied. Sounds the punches have made include "krtak", "wham", "slam", and "whak".


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