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Eric Thompson senior

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Eric Thompson senior
Darsteller Eric Roberts
Erster Auftritt Die Firma
Superkräfte Keine
Todesdatum 7. November 2006
Tätigkeit Führungsposition in der "Firma"

Eric Thompson senior, zuerst nur als "Mr. Thompson" bekannt, war Mr. Bennets Vorgesetzter in der Firma und kannte auch Claires wahre Abstammung. Sein Sohn trägt denselben Vornamen und wurde auch Agent der Firma.

Entwicklung des Charakters

Comic:Wireless, Part 2

While overseeing the training of Hana Gitelman at a secret facility in Alaska, Mr. Bennet receives a text message on his cell phone from someone identified as "Thompson". The message inquires whether or not Hana has manifested her Kräfte yet. Hana perceives and understands the message sooner than Bennet could read it himself.

Comic:How Do You Stop an Exploding Man?, Part 1

Militäreinheiten umzingeln Teds Hütte.

Comic:How Do You Stop an Exploding Man?, Part 2

Die Militäreinheit welche Teds Hütte umzingelt wird von Thompson angeführt. Er befielt das Ted mit einem flüssigen Beton übergossen werden soll um jegliche Strahlung einzudämmen die möglicherweise austretten könnte. Wie auch immer, Ted flieht mit einer großen Explosion, in der er mehrere Menschen tötet. Thompson, entkommt der Explosion. Ted, voller Rachegefühle, sucht den Mann in Billings, MT.

Die Firma

Fifteen years ago, Thompson hires Mr. Bennet as an employee of The Company and introduces him to his partner Claude. A year later he is on Charles Deveauxs Dach when Mr. Bennet becomes Claire's surrogate father. In the present day, Thompson arrives at the Bennet home during the standoff with Ted. Thompson shoots Ted, causing a near nuclear explosion. He witnesses Claire's healing abilities and inquires when Mr. Bennet will be giving Claire back to the company.


At the secret medizinische Einrichtung in Primatech, Thompson is suspicious about Mr. Bennet and asks him if he remembers anything about what happened to Claire. Mr. Bennet says that he doesn't remember anything and is determined to find his daughter. Thompson tells Mr. Bennet that the Haitian has apparently "gone rogue" and erased the memories of both Mr. Bennet and his family. Mr. Bennet asks when he can go after the Haitian and find his daughter, but Thompson tells him that he can't be the one that goes on that mission. Thompson orders Mr. Bennet to detach himself from Claire tells him that he expects him to do as he's told. Thompson leaves the room and enters another room where a one-way mirror is being used to observe Mr. Bennet. Thompson asks Matt Parkman, who is bound to a chair, what he thinks. Matt tells Thompson that Mr. Bennet is telling the truth. Thompson and Candice go to leave the room and Matt tells them that they had a deal that they'd let him go if he helped them. Thompson tells Matt that he's making progress on being set free.

Later, Candice tricks Mr. Bennet into confessing to her that he helped Claire escape. Mr. Thompson arrives with a few other agents from The Company to confront Mr. Bennet.

Comic:Family Man

Thompson sieht zu, wie das Haus der Bennets brennt und Claire regeneriert. Er sagt Mr. Bennet, dass er nur eine Stunde hat, seine Tochter der Firma zu übergeben.

0,07 Prozent

In Mr. Bennets Zelle at Primatech Thompson tells Candice to leave him and Mr. Bennet alone. He tells Candice that she has more important matters to take care of. He explains to Mr. Bennet that the only reason "we haven't taken it up a notch is because of friendship". Thompson is disappointed in Mr. Bennet, saying "I brought you in, vouched for you. And how do you repay my kindness? Attempting to destroy die Firma?" He tells Mr. Bennet that he got too close and then he got sloppy. Thompson then explains to Mr. Bennet that he is on death row and that he is just waiting for the order. "That's how we do it here," Thompson says. "We follow orders."

Later as Parkman is escaping from Primatech with Mr. Bennet's help, Thompson tell a Primatech agent that orders have come down to move Bennet, Sprague, and Parkman. Thompson orders the agent to gas Sprague before an IV is put in and to tape Parkman's mouth. Thompson and the agent go to Parkman's cell and see he has escaped, and Thompson presses an alarm.

After Peter is killed, Mohinder contacts Primatech from his apartment expecting Mr. Bennet but Thompson comes instead. Thompson explains that Mr. Bennet is no longer with die Firma. Thompson tells Mohinder that he can fight Sylar, but he just needs help. Thompson tries to convince Mohinder to come work for the Company saying "We can provide you with the resources." After Mohinder argues that stopping Sylar takes precedence over academics, Thompson says, "I can assure you we have similar priorities. The best way to stop Sylar is for us to work together."

Der schwierige Teil

In New York City, Thompson meets with Mohinder and tries to convince him to help Molly Walker. Later, he tells Mohinder that Molly is the only one who can stop Sylar and finally convinces him to help her.

Later, Thompson speaks with Nathan in his campaign office, and they discuss Ted and the impending Explosion. Nathan becomes upset about not being told everything and expresses his lack of conviction for Linderman's plan.


Thompson arrives to inform Mohinder and Molly Walker that they are to leave the building by helicopter. Alerted to the arrival of Mr. Bennet and Matt Parkman by the security cameras, Thompson draws his gun and prepares to ambush the two. Parkman's ability costs Thompson the element of surprise, causing his shots to miss. As Bennet moves to find him, Thompson circles around to catch Matt off guard. Thompson levels his gun at the back of Parkman's head, but is shot by Bennet before he can pull the trigger.

Wie man einen explodierenden Mann aufhält

Mohinder and Mr. Bennet drag Thompson's body, wrapped in a sheet, out of the hallway and into a biohazardous waste bin in the medical offices at the Kirby Plaza building. Bennet says that he killed Thompson in self defense to save his own life.

Comic:It Takes a Village, Part 4

Thompson comes upon the Haitian village looking for Guillame, who has already died, but finds the Haitian instead. He discovers the Haitian's powers, introduces himself as "Mister Thompson", and takes him away from his now vacant village.

Comic:Golden Handshake, Part 4

A secretary at Primatech tells Noah and Claude that Mr. Thompson is waiting to see them.

Comic:Donna's Big Date, Part 1

Elle tells Donna that both her father and Thompson, Jr.'s father are Company men.

Comic:The Kill Squad, Part 1

On a Company mission in West Virginia, Thompson, Jr. mentions that the evolved human they are after has been brought in before, and that his father suspected that the man's power could mutate, as it seems to have done.


One year ago, Thompson goes after Meredith and her brother Flint as they rob a convenience store. He uses a fire extinguisher against Flint's pyrokinesis and threatens to tase Meredith. Flint escapes during the distraction.

Thompson later interviews Meredith in her cell and reviews her record. He offers her a job as an agent with the Company and refuse to negotiate when she tries to bargain for the safety of her brother.

Thompson takes Meredith on her first assignment, the capture of Danny Pine. He orders her not to use her powers, but when Pine turns violent and attacks Thompson, Meredith subdues him and Thompson congratulates her. As they take Pine to a holding facility, Thompson tells Meredith that when she has demonstrated unswerving loyalty to the Company then she'll truly be an agent. She talks with a captive Flint, who believes he's been recruited as an agent. Meredith has doubts but when Thompson asks her if she has a problem, she says she doesn't.

Later, Meredith helps Flint escape and they flee on a train. Thompson goes after them and tases Meredith. Flint believes her dead and Thompson sarcastically agrees with him. Flint leaps out of the train and Meredith wakes up and attacks Thompson, setting the volatile contents on fire. They both leap clear of the train just as it explodes. Thompson recaptures Meredith but when he learns that Meredith believes that the Company killed her daughter Claire, he changes his mind and frees her.



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