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Gail Bowman

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Gail Bowman
Darstellerin Erin Allin O'Reilly
Erster Auftritt Fraktion Null
Superkräfte Feueratem
Tätigkeit Arbeitet auf dem Jahrmarkt
Lebensgefährte/in Chris Bowman
Kinder Jennie Bowman

Gail Bowman ist die Frau von Chris Bowman und die Mutter von Jennie Bowman. Wie der Rest ihrer Familie ist sie ein weiterentwickelter Mensch mit der Fähikgeit Feuer zu spucken. Sie arbeitet auf dem Jahrmarkt der Gebr. Sullivan.

Entwicklung des Charakters

Seltsame Attraktoren

Gail zeigt ihre Vorstellung mit ihrem Ehemann Chris und ihrer Tochter Jennie für die Besucher des Jahrmarkts, unter ihnen sind auch Samuel und Tracy.

Slow Burn, Part 6

Gail wird mit Chris und Jennie gesehen wie sie ihre Vorstellung proben als Amanda an ihnen vorbei kommt.

Smoke and Mirrors

Amanda beobachtet wie Gail und Chris ihrer Tochter Jennie beim Üben ihres Feueratem zusehen. Gail streitet sich mit Chris über eine Erspressung und den Jahrmarkt. Später sieht Gail ihrer Tochter noch etwas zu.

Heroes Evolutions

Fraktion Null

In Kapitel 3 von Fraktion Null, Rachel comes to the hideout of a faction of evolved humans. In the kitchen, she meets John, along with a skinny guy, a large guy, and Gail. Rachel fights the evolved humans, but soon cools down. As they explain their situation to Rachel, Gail's daughter, Jennie, hugs her mother, begging Rachel not to hurt her.

In Kapitel 4 von Fraktion Null, Gail talks with her partner, Chris, at a rest stop while Jennie plays. She feels guilty about abandoning the group they were with to be killed by Thompson, Jr. and Wildman. Chris tells her they would be dead now if they had tried to stop it, and that they are are going to a safe place to be with their own kind.

In Kapitel 5 von Fraktion Null, Gail and her family sit outside a trailer at a carnival. She shoots flame into the sky from her mouth.

In Kapitel 6 von Fraktion Null, Gail and Chris notice Rachel watching them from the woods. Gail asks if they should tell someone, but Chris says there is no need. Gail wonders if she will come in, but Chris points and says she left, causing Gail to remark that Rachel is still on her journey, and she is glad theirs is over, causing Chris to agree, although he sounds unsure.

Slow Burn

In Kapitel 1 von Slow Burn, Gail is in a car with her husband Chris driving and her daughter Jennie in her lap. She asks Chris if he is sure this is the way they were told to go, and he says yes, when Jennie wakes up and asks for a hot dog, pointing at a restaurant they are passing, Big Jim's Franks and Fries. Gail tells her it is closed down, and they will get her one later. They arrive at the Sullivan Bros. Carnival, and are greeted by Samuel Sullivan and Edgar, and Samuel welcomes them into the "family". A few months later, writes in her journal that everything is good, and that Jennie is making a lot of friends, and that she made friends with Lydia, but notes that Chris is still suspicious of the carnival.

In their trailer, Gail and Chris talk, and he tells her he is going look around and talk to people, as he does not trust them. She tells him he is just being paranoid, and he says maybe his mind will be put a ease if he does this. She agrees, and tells him she is going to Lydia's for the day, and will see him latter that night.

She heads to Lydia's trailer, hoping to ask about Samuel, who had asked her if she would help out the carnival, but is unsure about it. Lydia welcomes Gail into the trailer, but Gail notices something is wrong with her. She asks about it, but Lydia brushes it off, saying she is fine. When she tells Lydia about Samuel's offer to Gail to help the carnival save people like them, Lydia becomes concerned, and asks what he wants Gail to do. She says she is unsure, and that is why she is asking Lydia. Lydia glances out the windows to make sure no one is listening, and tells Gail that Samuel has been bringing in new people ever since his brother died, like he is trying to fill a void. Gail then tells Lydia about Chris not trusting anyone, especially Samuel, and she is unsure how to convince him otherwise. Lydia tells her that the carnival is all about family, and when Chris realizes that, things will be okay. Gail thanks Lydia, and leaves the trailer.

She returns to her trailer and begins writing in her journal when Chris comes back. He tells her that it is not safe to stay, but she tells him this place is their home, their family. He is shocked to hear her call the other carnies that, and says that some of these people are hiding dangerous things, but Gail tells him that so are they.

In Kapitel 2 von Slow Burn, Gail and Chris argue about the carnival and whether or not they can trust the other carnies. Gail argues that these people are kind and treat them like family while Chris believes that Samuel is no different than Markus.

Later, Lydia is shown a heart necklace that Gail gave Jennie during their time on the run. Jennie explains that Gail gave it to her so that even when they were apart, they were together. When Jennie returns home she gives a message to her parents. Gail listens to the phone and becomes terribly worried. She tells Chris that someone knows about Mary Krause and Chris asks Jennie who gave her the message. Gail listens worriedly as a frightened Jennie explains that the man told her the message would make the fighting stop.

In Kapitel 3 von Slow Burn, Gail and Chris discuss what they should do about the Mary Krause situation. Chris says that they have to protect their secret and he then asks if Gail is ready to leave the carnival yet. Gail tells him that it is not safe outside the carnival but she agrees that they have to deal with the situation quickly. Chris tells her that he thinks he met the carny that Jennie told them about and heads off to find him. Gail searches through the side shows and The Watcher asks her if she is looking for him. She grabs the Watcher and threatens to burn his face off. The Watcher explains that he wants Gail and Chris to help him and then disappears, leaving Gail with the message that she should find her husband. Gail rushes to Chris and explains that The Watcher sent her. Suddenly, Jennie's phone goes off in Gail's pocket, which surprises her as she left the phone at home. The message is from the Watcher, who instructs them to spy on Samuel. They do so, but are caught by Caleb. Samuel is brought to them and pats them on their shoulders, asking what is wrong.

In Kapitel 4 von Slow Burn, Gail and Chris are yelled at by Samuel. Samuel believes that they have betrayed the carnival's trust and then tells them that they will earn it back by recruiting new people to the family. He tells Gail that she is to go with Edgar and meet with some new people. Gail returns home with Chris and embraces him in a passionate kiss, stating that she will be fine as Samuel needs more family members.

Gail and Edgar speed out to the Mojave Desert and find an old army bunker. Gail asks Edgar what they should do but Edgar insists that she should lead the way as it is her mission. Gail sighs and knocks on the door. She recognizes the eyes that answer her and asks if the man is John. John smiles and welcomes Gail warmly. Gail, Edgar and John then go inside the bunker and John introduces them to Shard and Glade, the other "Guardians". Gail tells John and the others that the carnival can help them but Glade refuses to go with them. Gail and Edgar return to the carnival empty handed and Gail goes home. Jennie returns and Samuel enters the trailer, announcing that he has a special mission for the Bowman family: Bring in Tracy Strauss.

In Kapitel 5 von Slow Burn, Gail, Chris and Jennie are instructed to help lure Tracy Strauss into the carnival. They perform their fire breathing act for her and then, later, in their trailer, Gail and Chris are shocked to see The Watcher teleport into the room. He hands them their next mission and gives them two folders. He tells them to choose who they go after and Gail chooses Gabriel. She and Jennie go looking for the man and Gail worries about the mission. Jennie spots Gabriel at the Ferris wheel and Gail approaches him and introduces herself. Gabriel sees that Jennie and Chris fear him and the two fire breathers leave.

Later that night, Gail performs her fire breathing routine and wonders why Gabriel makes her feel so uncomfortable. She sums it up to mother's intuition and then puts some more power into her flame before preparing for the finale.

In Kapitel 6 von Slow Burn, Gail and Chris congratulate Jennie on her improvement with her ability. As they walk through the carnival, she gets into a argument with Chris about if it is safe there, causing Jennie to start crying and run away. They go after her, but The Watcher gets in the way. They ignore him, and find Jennie, assuring her that it is not her fault they are fighting. Once she is calmed down, Gail stays to take care of Jennie while Chris goes to find The Watcher.

In Kapitel 7 von Slow Burn, Gail and Chris are horrified that Jennie has been kidnapped by The Watcher. They do not believe that they can accomplish their mission to uncover Samuel's skeletons so Gail goes to Lydia for help. She finds that Lydia is worried about Amanda and worries that she may accidentally harm someone with her ability. Gail reassures her that all kids rebel and Lydia asks Gail to look after Amanda if anything ever happens to her. Gail promises to look after her as if she were her own daughter but does not ask Lydia about The Watcher, thinking that it would probably drive her over the edge.

In Kapitel 9 von Slow Burn, Gail, Chris and Bo talk about The Watcher. Gail is worried about Jennie, as The Watcher has already kidnapped her once and she is scared that he will take her away forever. Bo reassures her that he will not let their family get hurt and Chris wonders if anyone knows who The Watcher is. Gail wonders if Lydia can help and goes to see her. Gail sees that Lydia is distraught over the recent departure of Edgar and tries to comfort her. Gail talks about Amanda and Lydia says that she is unsure of what to do. She asks Gail if she saw what Amanda did to Caleb and Gail nods. Gail then suggests that Amanda join her family's act so that they can watch her and help her learn to control her ability. Lydia thanks her and Gail leaves.

Gail meets back up with the boys and shares her husband's worry about telling Samuel the truth about their past. Chris decides that maybe it is time to be honest and the family goes to see Samuel. After telling him everyting about Mary Krause and The Watcher, Samuel reassures them that they will always be a part of the family. Samuel then says that the family will help them find The Watcher and asks if they are truly ready to become a part of the family. Chris takes Gail's hand and they both say "yes".

In Kapitel 10 von Slow Burn, Gail tells "Chris" that Jennie is with Amanda, and asks if everything is ready. Samuel leans out of the shadows and tells them everyone is in position. She later ambushes The Watcher along with the other carnies, however, he retaliates by blinding all of them, but realizes he cannot break free of the metal, and restores their vision. They take him inside Samuel's trailer, where Lydia reveals his name to be Henry. Samuel then gives the Bowmans the choice to kill him or let him go.


In Kapitel 2 von Bestimmung, Gail and Chris are both wary when John Mulligan is brought to them by Jennie. John sits with them in their trailer and Chris wonders why John did not tell them that he was an agent. John wonders if Gail knows that he has romantic feelings about her and his thoughts seem to be strengthened when Gail gives him a strange look as she puts her arm around her husband. Jennie bursts into the room and demands to know if John will be staying, but Chris says that he will not be. Gail says nothing.

In Kapitel 3 von Bestimmung, The Watcher tells John that he knows about his love for Gail and that he should know better than to go after a married woman.

Weiterentwickelte Fähigkeit

Gail hat die Fähigkeit Feuer zu spucken. Rachel Mills beobachtet dies als Gail Flammen spuckt auf dem Jahrmarkt (Fraktion Null). Gail kann auch Feuerbälle aus ihrem Mund schiessen. (Slow Burn)

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