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Hal Sanders

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Hal Sanders
Hal sanders.jpg
Darsteller Graham Beckel
Erster Auftritt Sechs Monate zuvor
Superkräfte Keine
Kinder Niki Sanders, Jessica Sanders

Hal Sanders is the father of Nicole and Jessica Sanders, and the grandfather of Micah Sanders.

Entwicklung des Charakters

Sechs Monate zuvor

Hal tracks down his daughter Niki at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. Afterwards, he expresses his desire to re-enter Niki and Micah's lives.

Later, Hal comes to visit Niki and D.L. at their house. Hal gives Micah a new laptop as a gift. Niki and D.L. discuss finances, specifically how Micah could use a private education. When Hal brings up his poor fathering and irresponsible past, Niki says she does not remember. Hal, referencing Alcoholics Anonymous, tells Niki, "You're only as weak as your secrets."

Afterwards, Hal goes into Micah's room. There he finds that Micah has taken the case off of the laptop and is poking at its internals. Hal yells at Micah for "breaking" it, telling him it cost $2,000. When D.L. and Niki confront him about the yelling, he hands a blank check to Niki, saying, "I have no business being here ... I owe you more than an apology can ever do". He then storms out of the house.

Later, at his hotel room, Hal lets Niki into his room, but she tells him she's Jessica, not Niki. Jessica throws Hal against the dresser, bloodying his nose and accusing him of accidentally killing Niki's real-life sister Jessica. Jessica tells Hal that for all the years that Hal has abused her, Niki's personality was never aware; Jessica's personality took all of the hits, and bottled all of the rage. She throws him down on the bed, and shoves his gift check into his mouth. Before leaving, Jessica threateningly tells Hal, "You're going to go away and never come back."


  • Niki and Hal use more formal names for each other: Niki calls her father "Hal", and Hal calls his daughter "Nicole".
  • In 0,07 Prozent, D.L. refers to Jessica's takeover of Niki more like Niki "turning into (her) old man".


  • When Jessica visits Hal in his hotel room, Hal is reading The Sirens of Titan [1] by Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. One of the main themes of the book is that "life is governed by accidents rather than the will of divinity; that the concept of "hell" is hideous and wrong; that humans are capable both of great kindness and great depravity; that irony seems to rule the universe with an iron fist." [2] Of particular note is that the book incorporates Tralfamadorians, who utilize time travel.

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