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Webisode:Hard Knox, Part 3

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Für einen Mann mit neuen Fähigkeiten ist Angst nichts, wovor man Angst haben müsste.




Knox comes inside a house and walks up to Bartell, who is lifting weights. Bartell accuses Knox of talking to the cops, but Knox denies it until Bartell names the location where he was talking to Matt. Bartell then drops his weights and Knox begins to try to explain it off, but Bartell begins beating Knox up with his fists. The other gang members hear the fight and are standing nearby watching as Bartell beats Knox to the ground. Bartell next takes out his gun and points it at Knox, saying maybe he can help if Knox is looking for a way out. But Knox does not say a word, so Bartell decides shooting Knox would be too easy and walks over and grabs a baseball bat. Knox stays lying on the ground, but is able to use one hand to catch the bat and stop it when Bartell swings it at his head. Knox then breaks the bat in half, stands up, blocks a punch from Bartell and throws him across the room. Knox then realizes that it's the gang's fear that gives him his erhöhte Stärke. When Bartell gets back up and tries to continue to fight, Knox punches his hand through Bartell's stomach, killing him. One of the other gang members comments that Knox has killed Bartell, and Knox acknowledges it, saying that he guesses he is "the main man now".


"Oh. It's the fear."

- Knox

"You killed Bartell."

"Yeah. I guess I am the main man now."

- Gangmitglied in Los Angeles (II), Knox


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