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Any information about unbroadcast episodes, including unseen plots, characters, events, and the like, regardless of source, is considered a spoiler. Some spoilers (those from credible sources, like official NBC episode descriptions) are more credible than other spoilers, such as those published by fan sites or bloggers. All spoilers, now matter how well supported, are still considered speculation because any information can change by the time the episode is finally aired.

It's therefore important to separate spoilers from encyclopædiac content for two reasons: one, as the name implies, such information can "spoil" upcoming episodes for readers who don't wish to learn speculative information about unaired episodes, and two, by its very nature all spoiler material is not up to the standards for encyclopædia articles in terms of canon sources.

The Spoiler Category

All articles which contain spoilers should belong to Category:Spoilers (and only to Category:Spoilers) to isolate the information from readers who do not wish to be "spoiled" and to make clear that the information is speculative. To assign an article to Category:Spoilers, simply add the {{spoilermain}} template at the top of the article's lead section. This will also create a link to the spoiler's corresponding "main" article (for example, Spoiler:Parasite will link to Parasite). If there is no main article, you can manually add the spoiler category by adding [[Category:Spoilers]] at the end of the article.

You should also use the spoiler templates {{unairedspoiler}} at the top of the article to alert readers that the article contains spoilers, in case they reach the page through a poorly labeled link or the "random page" button.

Articles in the Spoiler Category

Nearly any article which could appear in the main portion of Heroes Wiki can also be made as a spoiler article. Announced characters, locations, plot points, episodes are all possible spoiler articles. In general, it's best to write articles for such subjects only when the spoiler comes from a reputable source or has been "confirmed" by multiple sources.

Be sure to use the same standard formatting you would use if the same article were in the main section of the site, including any sidebars and navigational elements. However, do not update any navigational elements to include spoiler articles. For example, if you are writing a spoiler article for a new unseen character, you should include the {{character box}} and {{characternav}} templates, but don't add a link to your article to the {{characternav}} template until the new character appears. See Help:Style for more information on standard formatting.

If your spoiler information is not substantial enough to warrant its own article, you may consider adding it to an existing spoiler article. Most of these articles reside in the Spoiler: namespace. For example, each announced episode has a spoiler article, such as Spoiler:The Fix. General spoilers, spoilers not related to a particular upcoming episode, or spoilers related to an upcoming episode whose title has not been announced can be added to the Spoiler:Upcoming episodes article.

Linking spoiler articles and main articles

For ease of use, spoiler articles which relate to a specific non-spoiler articles should be linked to and from their parent article. Two templates allow this to be done easily.

Linking a main article to its spoiler article

To link a main article to its corresponding spoiler article, use the {{spoiler}} template. This will produce a Spoilers section with a link to the spoiler article. Make sure to add the template in the appropriate location on the main article. The spoilers section should be at the end of the article, before any navigational elements and after any external links or theories sections.

Linking a spoiler article to its main article

To link a spoiler article to a main article, add the {{spoilermain}} template to the top of the spoiler article's lead section. This will produce a link to the main article.

Archiving spoilers

When information from a spoiler has aired or been proven false, simply change the {{spoilermain}} template to {{archivedspoiler}}. This will automatically update the message and reassign the article to Category:Archived spoilers.

If the article was manually added to Category:Spoilers because there is no main article associated with it, simply change the category from Category:Spoilers to Category:Archived spoilers.

Making a spoiler article into a normal article

If you have written an article for a spoiler and the spoiler has subsequently aired, you can easily make your article into a normal article. Simply remove [[Category:Spoilers]], assign appropriate categories, and add links to your article from other articles and templates as appropriate. If you created your article in the Spoiler: namespace, simply move it to a name that does not include the Spoiler: namespace. For example, an article called "Spoiler:Uluru's girlfriend" could be moved to "Uluru's girlfriend" after the character first appears in a broadcast episode.

Be especially careful to make sure your former spoiler article is added to navigational templates and portals as appropriate. Also remember to reassign any spoiler images used by your article to the appropriate image category.

Links to Spoilers

Links to spoiler articles should always be clearly labeled as such. Avoid adding spoiler articles to navigational templates. Avoid linking to spoiler articles within the body text of a non-spoiler article. If your spoiler article is related to a normal article, it's best to simply add a Spoilers section at the bottom of the main article with a link to the spoiler article.