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iStory is a means to experience Heroes via interactive stories on the Heroes NBC website.

Erste Erwähnung: November 8, 2008

iStory (or "Interactive Story") is a part of NBC.com's Heroes Evolutions experience that allows players to literally interact and change the story.

Heroes Evolutions

The iStory in an interactive experience where the the users act as players in the story. The chapters are entirely text based with a button to choose an action at the bottom of each scene. Occasionally, there may be video segments to watch and other tasks to perform off the NBC site. If a person chooses the wrong action and dies or gets captured, that person is returned to the beginning of that chapter and can begin again. No registration is required to participate.

Freund oder Feind

IStory Friend or Foe logo.jpg

The first volume of iStory was called "Friend or Foe" and was released during the first half of Season Three of Heroes. In this volume, each user could participate in a mission contract with either Primatech Executive Services or Pinehearst Research Group that was related with stopping the operations of the Killertruppe. Except for the final week, new chapters of Operation Splitter (Primatech contract) and Operation Böses Blut (Pinehearst contract) were released. The volume culminated with the Pinehearst and Primatech contractors working together in the final chapter to stop the Kill Squad from blowing up a dam and killing the inhabitants of a nearby town, along with an innocent teenage girl named Anna.

Die Gefreite

IStory Rachel Mills logo.jpg

The second volume of iStory is related to Rachel Mills. It was announced on December 24, 2008, on NBC's Heroes iStory webpage, as follows:

Rachel Mills survived dangerous tours as a female Marine in Irak and Afghanistan through guts, quick thinking, and a thick skin. But now, near the end of her enlistment, she finds herself in the middle of a situation unlike any that she has ever faced: a secret war on the Iraq-Iran border. Soon, a new, mysterious opponent puts Rachel and her friends' lives at stake. She is forced to make a choice that could shake the world.

It was released on January 14, 2009, during the hiatus between Volumes Three and Four of Staffel 3. In this volume, each user plays the role of Rachel Mills in a flashback of her experiences during her last tour in Irak.

Die Agentin

The third volume of iStory follows Rachel Mills as she works for Nathan Petrelli, hunting down weiterentwickelte Menschen. It was released on February 11, 2009, after the fifteenth episode of Staffel 3 was released. In this volume, each user plays the role of Rachel Mills as she works at her new job.

Aktuelles Kapitel

For summaries of other chapters of The Agent, see Die Agentin Kapitel-Zusammenfassungen.

Die Agentin Kapitel-Zusammenfassungen

iStory Kapitel bearbeiten

Freund oder Feind (Operation Böses BlutOperation Splitter) • Die Gefreite (Kapitel-Zusammenfassungen) • Die Agentin (Kapitel-Zusammenfassungen)

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