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Jesse Murphy

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Jesse Murphy
Jesse Murphy.jpg
Darsteller Francis Capra
Erster Auftritt The Second Coming
Superkräfte Tonmanipulation

Jesse Murphy ist ein weiterentwickelter Mensch, der aus dem Level 5 Gefängnis entkommt.

Entwicklung des Charakters

Die Wiederkunft

Man sieht Jesse schreiend in seiner Zelle, er sei Peter Petrelli.

Der Schmetterlingseffekt

Von einer Telefonzelle hinterlässt Peter Petrelli seinen Bruder Nathan eine Nachricht und guckt dabei in einen Spiegel, in dem er sich als Jesse Murphy sieht.

Einer von uns, einer von ihnen

Zukunfts-Peter befreit Peter aus Jesses Körper. Später wird er von Sylar getötet und seine Fähigkeit von diesem angeeignet.

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Comic:The String of Injustice

Stub.jpgDieser Abschnitt ist ein Stub. Du kannst helfen in dem du ihn erweiterst.

Heroes Evolutions

primatechpaper.com hat ein Einsatzfahnder-Profil von Jesse (file: C012; password: JMmn142w). Seine persönaliche Geschichte:

Die Firma first learned about the subject while tracking information related to his father, Jess Murphy.

[Paragraph Omitted: Classified]

Jesse Murphy grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada, with his mother and younger sister. Jesse's father maintained little contact with the family beyond short stays to avoid law enforcement or transition to his next temporary home. In conjunction with Jesse's mother's inability to stay employed consistently due to her limited English skills, Jesse was forced to spend most of his childhood fending for himself, much to his frustration.

Jesse's adolescent years were marked by a variety of misdemeanor arrests ranging from petty theft to drug dealing and street brawling. Police records indicate that Jesse typically acted alone, unlike other delinquents who adopted a criminal family to substitute for dysfunctional home lives.

By the age of sixteen Jesse left home permanently, finding work as a runner in the Las Vegas casino circuit. Over the next two years, his interactions with gambling syndicates led to a reputation as a consistent performer and interaction with a number of major Las Vegas gangs. Surveillance footage obtained from the Corinthian Casino's security feed shows the subject appearing frequently near big-win situations and being directed into contact with the winners, many of whom were reported missing soon afterward. Toward the end of Jesse's times in Las Vegas, gang informants reported that Jesse had begun to display an increasingly violent thirst for power and vengeance for real and imagined slights.

Company agents continued to track Jesse as he migrated to Los Angeles. During this period, Jesse's Fähigkeiten began to manifest. The L.A.P.D. investigative division reported that the subject was highly dangerous and possessed some sort of sonic weapon. Company agents confirmed that in fact, Jesse was generating highly destructive multi-frequency sound waves from his vocal chords. His ability continued to develop over time until he proved capable of fatal injury.

Company agents finally secured Jesse immediately after a brutal massacre of both civilians and gang members near the Best Dogs Diner Los Angeles. Intelligence developed during the operation has led the Company to believe the same incident to be where Jesse met his first and only significant accomplice: Knox.

The case file also includes a psychological profile:

Aggressive stress testing has revealed the subject's deep-seated anger toward authority, stemming from his childhood frustration with his parents and their own difficulties assimilating with culture. The resulting repressed anger was severely aggravated by the subject's chronic lack of socialization during adolescent development, in turn resulting in patterns of deeply habitualized violence. While a definite link has not yet been established between the peaking of the subject's anti-social behaviors and the manifesting of his highly destructive ability, further rounds of testing are being designed.

An additional trait that should be noted is the subject's classic ritualization of vengeance and revenge motifs. This portion of the subject's personality was abruptly focused by his capture at the hands of agent Noah Bennet and der Haitianer in Los Angeles. Die Firma has significant psychological and physical evidence including extensive voice recordings that the subject has developed a deeply pathological and malignant fixation with Agent Bennet.

AT diagram Jesse.jpg


Gemäß dem von Noah verwendeten Anweisungsspurenleser besitzt Jesse die Fähigkeit, Ton zu manipulieren. Es ist unbekannt, inwieweit seine Kontrolle dieser Fähigkeit ist, aber Noah sagt zu Claire, dass sie nicht wissen wollen würde, was er mit seiner Fähigkeit alles anstellen kann.

Laut seines Assignment Tracker Profils, Jesse's control index is 65%. His data analysis shows his biological level at 20, cerebral at 40, elemental at 70, and temporal/spatial at 35.

Cranial imaging


  • Jesse hat viele Tätowierungen, wie sein Darsteller Francis Capra. Einige von Francis Tätowierungen wurden behalten (zum Beispiel, die Tätowierung auf seinem rechten Arm, die sagt, "Das Gute muss leiden" und die Tätowierung an seiner rechten Brustseite). Jedoch wurden einige Tätowierungen zum Körper von Francis hinzugefügt und seine vorhandenen Tätowierungen wurden ausgebreitet.

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