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Jessicas Gewehr

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Jessicas Gewehr
Jessica's rifle.JPG
Jessica examines the rifle with which she plans to murder D.L..

Erste Erscheinung: Heimkehr
In Besitz von: Jessica Sanders
Aktueller Status: Unknown. Jessica does not take the rifle with her when she pursues D.L..

Jessica buys a high-powered rifle, with the intent to murder D.L. Hawkins.



In the Wüste von Nevada, Jessica Sanders is firing a long-range Army sniper rifle at a paper target. She asks about the rifle's range, and the seller replies that the rifle is capable of piercing armor up to 400 yards away. The seller comments that she must "really hate the guy." Jessica tells the man that "the guy" took her son. She tells him that the cops can't stop him, but that she can as long as he can't see it coming. She pays for the rifle with some of the money she stole from D.L.'s crew, and looks in the side-mirror of her truck. She sees Niki with a concerned look on her face. Jessica smiles and tells the reflection that they're "going hunting."

In Utah, from a tree, Jessica fires a shot at D.L.


Jessica's shot at D.L. hits him in his left shoulder. D.L. tell Micah to stay down as he tries to make his way out of the line of fire. Jessica shoots D.L. in the head, but D.L. uses his power to cause the bullet to pass right through. She hits the tire instead, flattening it. Jessica approaches her son and husband, but they have fled.


"You must really hate this guy, huh?"

"He took my son."

- Gun seller, Jessica (Homecoming)

"We're going hunting."

- Jessica (to Niki in a reflection) (Homecoming)

"I never miss."

- Jessica (to Niki in a reflection) (Fallout)


  • The gun seller describes the rifle as the fictional "Kinsella 320Z". In actuality, the rifle appears to be a Blaser 93 LSR2 tactical rifle. The gun dealer sells the rifle to Jessica for US $2000. In reality, a stock Blaser 93 sells for about $3250 without any extras (scope, muzzle flash suppressor, bipod, saddle mount). Considering Jessica's admission that she intends to use the weapon for illegal purposes, it seems odd that she could find such a well-equipped rifle for a fraction of its retail value.


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