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Kimiko Nakamura

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Kimiko Nakamura
Kimiko nakamura.jpg
Darstellerin Saemi Nakamura
Erster Auftritt Distractions
Superkräfte Keine
Tätigkeit Geschäftsführende Vize-Präsidentin bei Yamagato
Lebensgefährte/in Ando Masahashi, ehemals Fumio Fukazawa
Eltern Kaito Nakamura, Ishi Nakamura
Geschwister Hiro Nakamura

Kimiko Nakamura ist die ältere Schwester von Hiro Nakamura.

Entwicklung des Charakters


At the Port Washington Harbor, Kimiko explains to Hiro that Yamagato Industries is failing. Later, when Hiro says he will take the executive vice-president job, she argues with him about his plans, ultimately revealing her intelligence and capabilities to her father. Kimiko then takes over the executive vice-president position, allowing Hiro to continue his mission.

Comic: Heroism is Found in the Heart, Teil 1

At Yamagato Industries, Ando says hello to Kimiko excitedly, but Kimiko greets him coldly, telling him that he should be getting back to work. Kimiko exits her office after 9:00 pm, and Ando, who was waiting for her all day, asks her if he could walk her home. She agrees, and they exit together. At the lobby of the building, Kimiko says that Ando stinks, but he is still a gentleman. When they exit the building, they encounter a group of sword-bearing bikers.

Comic: Heroism is Found in the Heart, Teil 2

Confronted by a gang of Tokio bikers outside Yamagato's front doors, Kimiko tells Ando that she used to date the gang's leader in school, but later broke up with him. Knowing the men are there to seize Kimiko, she and Ando flee. When a diversion is created, Kimiko kicks a biker in the face and takes his motorcycle. Kimiko and Ando are chased through Tokio's streets, and are finally cornered. Scared, Kimiko worries that Ando's heroism will get him killed. However, the bikers run away, and Kimiko throws herself into Ando's arms. She kisses her hero, not knowing the hand her father played in the events.



"Thank you sister for showing me integrity. You've taught me to be true to myself and fight for honor. I take pride in carrying the Nakamura name."

- Hiro (Blog entry)

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