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Mindy Sprague

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Mindy Sprague
Mindy Sprague.jpg
Darstellerin Unbekannt
Spitzname Minnie,
Erster Auftritt From the Files of Primatech, Part 3
Superkräfte Energie-Absorption
Voller Name Mindy Jill Sprague
Wohnort ehemals Indiana,
ehemals Los Angeles, CA
Wohnsitz Londonderry Township, PA
Tätigkeit Sicherheitsbeauftragte,
Agentin der Firma
Eltern Ernest Sprague,
Nellie Sprague
Kinder Ted Sprague

Mindy Sprague ist eine Agentin der Firma, die im Jahr 1978 bei dem Atomkraftwerk Three Mile Island in 1978 für die Sicherheit verantwortlich ist. Sie ist Ted Spragues Mutter und ein weiterentwickelter Mensch mit der Fähigkeit Energie zu absorbieren und abzugeben.

Entwicklung des Charakters

Comic:From the Files of Primatech, Part 3

In 1978, Mindy tries to hand her boss, Alfred Washburn, a file on her safety inspections. Al does not want to take the files and insults Mindy, claiming that she should not be working there. Mindy reminds him that it is her first day, but Al does not want to hear it. Angry, Mindy leaves and goes to tea with Angela Petrelli. Mindy complains about Al and how she would like to shave her name into his mustache, which Angela finds amusing. As their children play, Angela and Mindy discuss her mission at the plant, and Angela encourages her to continue.

Taking Angela's advice, Mindy interrupts Al's poker game and slams a file onto the desk while her hand is mysteriously glowing. She informs Al in front of his friends that the plant is in serious violations of several safety laws, which forces Al to take action. Later, Mindy contemplates her new job and life and one day, while leading some workers, she and Al discuss the new core. Al informs her that it has already been changed, and a meltdown occurs. Mindy tells everyone to get out, and stops Al from waiting for her. She then runs to the core, her arm once again shining. Mindy enters the core and a bright glow is seen.

Heroes Evolutions

In a surveillance video, Mindy Sprague walks down the halls of Three Mile Island. When she is jolted into the wall and red lights start flashing, Mindy starts running down the halls.

Mindy's case file (file: C026; password: MSkni24at) at primatechpaper.com contains Mindy's personal history:

Assignment tracker photo

Mindy is the third of five children and second daughter of farmers Ernest and Nellie Sprague of Derby, Indiana. Around the age of 18 Mindy left home for California to "find herself" and was soon caught up in the Berkeley hippie movement of the late 1960s. It is assumed that her ability first exhibited around this time, but no evidence exists to support this theory, and there is no extant employment record. After becoming pregnant, Mindy returned home in 1973 to prepare for the life of her child, Ted Sprague [see AT profile C003].

A fiery incident involving an industrial turbine put Mindy on the radar in 1975, and she was brought into the fold by A. Petrelli in October of that year. Mindy underwent eight months of prep for her first major assignment, the Amazon Transition [see Job File for Quito, Ecuador]. Due to a change of Company directive with regard to Adam Monroe, Mindy was chosen as his TMI replacement, job assignment beginning January 3, 1978.

After the [CLASSIFIED] TMI incident, Mindy took herself off the grid, and is now believed to be living in Caracas.

The case file also contains a psychological history:

Early psychological tests conducted by the Company indicate selective cognitive dissonance. Subject often acts and reacts based on her need for dissonance-reduction through activity. While this may be related to undetectable and inconsistent levels of constant energy absorption and recycle, fear of intimacy may also drive the behavior. Mindy also possesses the difficulties in dealing with authority figures frequently exhibited by evolved humans.



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