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Sylar (Explosions-Zukunft)

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(Weitergeleitet von Nathan Petrelli (Zukunft))
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Future sylar.jpg
Darsteller Zachary Quinto,
Adrian Pasdar (as Nathan Petrelli)
Erster Auftritt Five Years Gone
Superkräfte Intuitive Begabung
Known powers gained:
verbessertes Gedächtnis,
Enhanced hearing,
schnelle Zellregeneration
Voller Name Gabriel Gray
Alias Nathan Petrelli
Tätigkeit Präsident der Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika
Eltern Unnamed New York City watchmaker (father),
Virginia Gray (Mutter)

Sylar is an evolved human who is impersonating U.S. President Nathan Petrelli in 2011.

Entwicklung des Charakters

Five Years Gone

Believed to have died in the explosion as well as caused it (in truth, it was Peter Petrelli), Sylar actually survived, killed Nathan Petrelli at an unknown point and impersonated him using the power of illusion, acquired from Candice Willmer. Consequently, Sylar is the President of the United States in 2011. As President, he has enacted a policy strictly monitoring and controlling the activities of evolved humans and used Homeland Security to enforce it.

Sylar, having acquired many powers over the years, no longer finds any point in getting new ones. Instead, he initiates a plan to eradicate all evolved humans with his power as president, wanting to eliminate the competition. However, there are two particular evolved humans that he wants to handle personally: Peter, and Claire Bennet. As Nathan, Sylar meets with Claire at the Petrelli Mansion. Claire, feeling spite for her father and his actions, tries to leave, but Sylar prevents her with his Telekinese. He proceeds to kill her and acquire her power, seeing hers as the last one he needs, and he expresses great pleasure in finally getting the chance after his failure in Homecoming.

During a ceremony commemorating the explosion, Sylar learns from Matt that Peter is trying to free Hiro so he can change the "past", and the Haitian is down. Sylar immediately flies to the Homeland Security holding facility, shocking all those at the ceremony. At the facility, Sylar phases through the door Peter was using to hold off his enemies, presumably having acquired the power from D.L. Hawkins. With Peter separated from the others as well as realizing that the Nathan before him is not his brother, Sylar reveals his true form. The two rivals then face each other in an epic showdown, the outcome of which is not known.


Sylar's original power is intuitive aptitude — a superhuman ability to determine exactly how things work.

Sylar appears to have used his innate power to discover how to take the superpowers of other evolved humans. The exact mechanism by which Sylar gains these powers is not at present known; however, he believes that Chandra Suresh is correct that the abilities are based in the brain, and several of Sylar's victims have had their skulls opened and brains removed.

Known Acquired Powers

By 2011 in the dunkle Zukunft, Sylar has acquired additional powers. His known powers at this time include the following:


"Let's be honest. I can fly. I'm hardly dangerous."

- Sylar (as Nathan, to Mohinder) (Five Years Gone)

"I'm the leader of the free world. As far as I know, I'm the most special person there is."

- Sylar (as Nathan, to Claire Bennet) (Five Years Gone)

"Brother versus brother. It's almost biblical."

- Sylar (as Nathan, to Peter) (Five Years Gone)

"My brother can't walk through walls. Who are you?"

"An old friend. The guy they blamed for blowing up New York, but you and I know the real story, don't we, Pete?"

- Peter, Sylar (Five Years Gone)

"When I killed Nathan, he had already turned against his own kind."

- Sylar (to Peter) (Five Years Gone)


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