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Nathans Unfall

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Nathans Unfall
Heidi is injured in a car accident.
Erste Erwähnung: Genesis
Ort: New York, NY

Nathan Petrelli and his wife Heidi are in a car accident that leaves Heidi paralyzed and wheelchair-bound.



While arguing with his mother that he and Nathan do share a special bond, Peter tells her that he sensed Nathan's accident as it happened.

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Nathan's wife, Heidi, tries to convince Nathan to have Oliver Dennison from the New York Journal over for brunch as good PR for Nathan's campaign. When Nathan expresses disinterest, Heidi tells Nathan that she knows he is trying to protect her, but she doesn't need the protection. She has remained out of public view in order to keep Nathan from looking weak, but she assures her husband that she can help him. When Nathan finally agrees to the brunch, she pulls away, confined to a wheelchair.

Dennison tells Heidi that she appears to be adjusting well to life in a wheelchair. Heidi tells Oliver that she's alright, even though she was angry for a while. Oliver asks if she means angry at Nathan, since he was driving at the time of the accident; Heidi tells Oliver that she was mad at God, but has since made her peace.

Later, Heidi comes in the house and asks Nathan if he still loves the woman with whom he was reported to have an affair. Heidi tells Nathan that she needs hope if she is to walk again. Nathan falsely confirms Peter's earlier assertion that his meeting with Niki at the Las Vegas casino was to help Peter with his depression.

Sechs Monate zuvor

Approximately six months ago, Nathan and Heidi are driving on a freeway, and a passenger truck rams their car into water barriers on the side of the road. Nathan instinctively launches himself out of the car — the first instance of his Kräfte of flight — and he watches from above as his wife crashes alone in the car. He falls, injuring his forehead.

Peter wakes from a Vision, somehow sensing exactly when Nathan had his accident; he later relays this to his mother.

At the hospital, Peter meets Nathan, and they discuss the accident. Somehow, Peter knows that there was another vehicle, and together the brothers deduce that an employee of Mr. Linderman is responsible for running them off the road, as the mob boss must have found out about the prosecution case against him. After 10 hours of surgery, Heidis Chirurg comes for Nathan, and Nathan learns that the accident has left Heidi in a wheelchair.


In Nathans Büro, Nathan and Peter discuss taking Linderman down. Nathan says he has been working with the FBI since Heidi's accident.


Linderman heals Heidi's paralysis, possibly as a show of good faith in his alliance with Nathan.


It is revealed that Arthur Petrelli ordered Linderman to kill Nathan. Nathan is sure that Linderman is behind the attack and is able to convince Angela as well. Arthur lies to Angela that he did not order Linderman to kill Nathan. Because the accident did not kill Nathan, Arthur and Linderman begin planning another way to kill Nathan, but Angela overhears them. Arthur causes Angela to forget this, but Linderman later "heals the scars" so that she remembers, leading her to poison Arthur.


  • Heidi behauptete, dass sie wegen dem Unfall Gott gegenüber großen Hass verspürte, jedoch hat sie jetzt ihren Frieden mit Gott geschlossen.
  • Heidi glaubt nach einem Interview mit Oliver Dennison, dass Nathan eine Affäre in Las Vegas hat und gibt ihrem Rollstuhl die Schuld an Nathans (angebliche) Untreue.
  • It is unclear whether Nathan remembers flying to escape the crash; even if he does remember, he hides the discovery for another six months. It's also unclear whether Heidi remembers Nathan disappearing from the car. (Genesis)
  • Peter comments that he knew about the accident "300 miles away". (Genesis) Peter was at his apartment in Manhattan, and Nathan and Heidi live about 90 miles away in Hyde Park. If the accident did occur 300 miles away, then it's unclear where Nathan and Heidi were headed. (Six Months Ago)
  • Although the Petrellis assume that the dark van was sent by Linderman, there is no evidence other than Linderman's motive to do it and ability to arrange it.
  • Though the accident happened sometime around April 2006, the exact date is unknown. It seems the accident happened at least a full day after Nathan and Heidi attended the party at Peters Wohnung, since they are both wearing different clothes than they were at the party.


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