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Polizeihauptmann Lubbock

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Polizeihauptmann Lubbock
Captain Lubbock.jpg
Darsteller Ernie Hudson
Erster Auftritt Hysterical Blindness
Superkräfte Keine
Wohnort Baltimore, MD
Kinder Sohn

Polizeihauptmann Lubbock entdeckt den völlig verwirrten Sylar auf einer Waldstrasse.

Entwicklung des Charakters


Lubbock drives down a road, noticing a man staggering along the road. He pulls over, and assumes Sylar is drunk, and asks him if he needs any help. When Sylar turns around and Lubbock sees that he is covered in blood and bullet holes, he draws his gun and tells him to get on the ground. At the Baltimore police department, Lubbock talks with Dr. Madeline Gibson while watching Sylar pace in the interrogation room. He tells her about Sylar, saying that he has no memory of who he is, and that she should write him off as insane, but she refuses.

They enter the room, and Madeline tells Sylar that she is there to help him, and asks what happened. He says that he has vague memories of being lost in the woods and shot. Madeline asks Lubbock to unlock Sylar's cuffs, but he refuses, saying he doesn't lock himself in with lunatics, so she tells him to leave the keys on his way out. He latter comes back in and calls her out into the hall, saying that they got a fingerprint match for Sylar.

Lubbock renters the interrogation room, and tells Sylar that he sent Madeline home. He then informs Sylar that his name is Gabriel Gray, and that he murdered his mother in Queens. He unplugs the camera, saying he will get a confession out of him, throwing the table out of the way. Sylar throws his arms up to protect himself, and sends Lubbock telekinetically flying backwards through the two-way mirror.

Lubbock and other cops pursue Sylar, who has stolen Madeline's vehicle and kidnapped her. She talks him into surrendering, but when he gets out and puts his hands up, sparks begin to shoot in his hands, and Lubbock opens fire, hitting him. Sylar falls into Madeline, and they roll down a hill. She witnesses him heal and tells him to run. Lubbock runs down the hill with the other cops and they begin to search the woods. They arrive at giant clearing, but Sylar is nowhere to be found.

Tabula Rasa

Samuel gives Edgar tickets to the carnival to deliver to Lubbock, in order to "jump start" Sylar's real memories.

Lubbock arrives at the carnival with his wife and son, and thanks Samuel for the tickets. He then shows him a picture of Sylar, asking if Samuel has seen him. Samuel says no, but will keep a lookout for him, and that Lubbock should feel free to look around.

Samuel tells Sylar that Lubbock is at the carnival, and that if he finds out they have Sylar, everyone will suffer. He mentions that one of his men saw him enter the House of Mirrors. Sylar proceeds inside, and Lubbock sees him, drawing his gun. Sylar tells him to leave while there is still time, but Lubbock dares him to resist arrest. When Sylar's hands start to spark, he shoots, but Sylar stops the bullet in midair and blasts him with lightning. Lubbock gets up and backs away from Sylar, asking what he is, but Sylar turns his back and prepares to leave when Edgar super speeds into the room and kills Lubbock with his knives.


  • Lubbocks Autonummer lautet *Maryland LGM9329". In Maryland beginnen die Autonummern mit "LG" wie "Local Government", also im Besitz des Staates.

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