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Red is used prominently.

It is believed that the color red has significance in the show Heroes. Though highly suspect, examples of its usage are categorized here.

Fan Theorien

  • The use of the color red is sprinkled throughout the series in a very similar fashion to the way it was used in the movie The Sixth Sense. In the movie, each scene containing red indicated the scene contained a ghost.
  • Because of the comic book inspirations and influences on Heroes, the use of the color red may be attributed to Frank Miller's series (which was later made into a Hollywood movie), Sin City. The world of the series is black and white (referred to as "ashcans" in the publishing circles) except for a bright single shade of deep red, used to color blood, lipstick, a woman's dress, etc. In many of Isaacs Gemälden he uses duller drab earth-tones, accented by bright vivid reds.
  • Because Heroes deals with comic-book-like scenarios, there may be more appearances of the primary colors in the show, as it was in the movie Dick Tracy.


  • Nathan's political campaign (Red and blue are standard colors in USA politics)


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