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Darsteller Roberto Urbina
Erster Auftritt Destiny, Part 1
Superkräfte Beschleunigte Wahrscheinlichkeit,
Erhöhte Geschwindigkeit
Alter 23
Wohnort Lima, Peru
Tätigkeit Automechaniker
Eltern Unbenannter Vater (verstorben), Iris

Santiago ist ein junger Mann aus Lima, Peru mit den Fähigkeiten Beschleunigte Wahrscheinlichkeit und Erhöhte Geschwindigkeit.

Character History

Webisode:Destiny, Part 1

In Barranco, a district of Lima, Peru, Santiago walks past a street vendor's stand and prepares to cross the street at an intersection. While waiting for the light to change; a woman that knows Santiago, Maria, walks up next to him, and he listens while she reminds him that he is is late for mass and is bringing the sacramental wine. He tells Maria that he will see her in church and walks into the street right when the light changes. However, Santiago gets knocked by a motorized scooter in front of a moving van. Then, time slows down temporarily for Santiago and he visualizes a means to escape getting hit by the van and catch the bag of wine bottles that is now flying in the air, and does so. Afterward, he finishes crossing the street and retrieves his soccer ball from Maria.

Later, Santiago sits in church with his mother, Iris, as a priest gives his sermon. Santiago plays with his soccer ball, and apologizes when his mom tells him to stop fidgeting. Upon leaving church, Santiago explains to his mother that he can see the world of opportunity in front of him. He tells her of his experience with the van that almost hit him, calling it a miracle. As Iris replies, Santiago spots a young woman watching him in a park across the street from the church.

Santiago then heads across the street towards the woman. He uses his new ability to sneak up on her, introduces himself, and learns her name is Elisa. After hearing Elisa's dilemma, Santiago tells her that it isn't stupid to have to church for answers, and references the priest's sermon that people have to help each other. When another soccer player reminds him of his game, Santiago encourages Elisa to stick around cause he has a feeling her prayers are going to be answered, and then leaves her to go play on the soccer field.

Heroes Evolutions

On November 12, 2007, NBC.com began the Create Your Hero interactive promotion in which fans voted on attributes for a new character. On February 4, 2008, profiles for a male and a female character were created. Santiago's profile read:

Santiago is twenty three. He is an only child, and lives with his mother in a poor part of Lima. He works as an auto mechanic, but has a burning desire to go out in the world and accomplish something that will make his mother truly proud.

Santiago lost his father years ago to the Peruvian civil war. He carries that loss in his heart, but has found solace in the teachings of the Catholic church. Santiago attends mass every Sunday, in a local cathedral which was built by the Spanish Conquistadors more than four hundred years ago.

It was one Sunday after mass when Santiago first discovered his powers. He was playing soccer with his friends in a dusty lot, when he suddenly realized that he was faster—much faster—than his opponents. In fact he was so fast, that he had to hide his ability in order not to attract too much attention.

Santiago loves being fast—he uses his power to become the star of his soccer team—but he believes that his abilities are a gift from God, and feels strongly that they should only be used for good.

On July 24, 2008, the third and fourth paragraphs were changed to reflect the addition of a new ability.

One Sunday after service, he discovers that he's indeed very special. During a weekly soccer match with friends, he gets the ball and as he turns towards the goal, something incredible happens. Looking down the field he suddenly sees everything as a grid. Quickly scanning the other players, he sees all their possible maneuvers and blocks—determining the best way to make a goal. He has the power of accelerated probability. Not only that but he realizes he can run super fast! Combined, the two abilities make him unstoppable. He takes off, dodging every attempted block and scoring a goal as his friends look on, astonished.

Santiago immediately loves his powers and uses them to become the star of his soccer team. He believes his abilities are a gift from God though, and feels strongly they should only be used for good.

A new character profile was posted for Santiago at NBC.com with the release of Destiny, Part 1 on November 10, 2008. According to that profile, Santiago lives in Lima, Peru, likes to play soccer, and is guided by his Catholic faith. He lives a simple life, but feels a lot of pressure to find purpose for himself. However, when he discovers he has the gifts of accelerated probability and super speed, things start to become clear for him and he realizes his newfound ability to control his own destiny. Santiago is faced with a choice to use his new gifts for good or evil. A mysterious organization with detailed knowledge of his father's life tries to get him to do evil, but Santiago also finds he has allies to fight for what is right. Santiago's choices will change the world, including the destinies of everyone around him.

Weiterentwickelte Fähigkeiten

Santiago verfügt über zwei angeborene Fähigkeiten, Beschleunigte Wahrscheinlichkeit und erhöhte Geschwindigkeit. Dies ist relativ selten, dennweiterentwickelte Menschen besitzen normalerweise nur eine Fähigkeit. Er demonstrierte seine Beschleunigte Wahrscheinlichkeit durch das Herausfinden in einem Verkehrsunfall und fand heraus, sich Elisa anzuschließen, follgend seiner Fähigkeitsuper speedum sie einzuholen.

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