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Staatsgefängnis von Nevada

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Staatsgefängnis von Nevada
Ort: Nevada
Zweck: Gefängnis

D.L. Hawkins was brought to the Nevada State Penitentiary after being convicted of murdering his crew.

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Sometime after being interrogated at the Las Vegas Police Department and standing trial for murder/theft, D.L. Hawkins is taken to the Nevada State Penitentiary. Consumed with love for his family, anger at being framed, and the desire to understand his powers, D.L. focuses on phasing through the walls of his cell. He slips through the rooms of the prison, past the guards' room, and finally outside. He scales the walls, escaping to protect his family.


  • In reality, there is no prison officially named "Nevada State Penitentiary". However, the Nevada State Prison is located in Carson City, NV.
  • Lindermans Archive contain a inmate record for D.L. that lists his sentence as "10 years to life" without parole. The record also notes that D.L. "continues to claim 'not guilty'" for the crimes with which he is charged. However, the rap sheet is from Clark County Prison, not the Nevada State Penitentiary.


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