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Sylars Nachricht

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Sylars Nachricht
Sylars message.jpg
Eden McCain plays Sylar's message.

Aktueller Status: presumably still on Chandra's answering machine

Sylar's message is a recording of a conversation between Sylar and Chandra Suresh discovered by Eden McCain on Chandra's answering machine.


Don't Look Back

As Eden and Mohinder search Chandra's apartment for clues about his research, Eden notices that there are messages on Chandra's machine. After a message from Chandra's boss at the taxi service is a message from Sylar. Partway through the message, Chandra picks up the phone, and the remainder of their conversation is recorded. Sylar describes a "hunger" he can't control, and claims that Chandra "made him" that way. Chandra says Sylar is a murderer and that he wants nothing further to do with him.

Memorable Quotes

S: "Hello, Chandra. Why won't you talk to me? ... You can't leave me like this."

C: "Hello, Mr. Sylar? I asked you not to call here anymore."

S: "The hunger, it's -- I can't control it... I don't want to... You made me this way."

C: "I made you a murderer?"

S: "You helped me to discover my potential... You wanted to see what I could do as much as I did. And now you want it to stop."

C: "It's over. Goodbye."

-- Sylar's message on Chandra Suresh's answering machine. (Don't Look Back)


  • Although Chandra knew Sylar as Gabriel Gray, he calls him by his alias instead.
  • Sylar's message was recorded before Zachary Quinto was cast in the role of Sylar. The voice on the recording belongs to Maurice LaMarche. After Zachary Quinto was cast, the message was rerecorded. A portion of Quinto's version can be heard during Mohinder's opening monologue in the episode Six Months Ago.

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