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Israel (Hebrew: ישראל) is a country roughly the size of the state of New Jersey, and is located in Western Asia in an area commonly referred to as the Middle East. Israel is also the home of the Gitelman family.


Founded in 1948, there has been an almost continuous state of unrest in political, religious, and military spheres. The country contains many religious sites significant to the Jewish, Christian and Islamic religions, and its borders are highly contested by the Palestinian peoples. The nation of Israel has withstood several significant attacks by its neighbors, and has had military superiority for several decades. There is longstanding cooperation between the Israeli and USA governments, which has instilled much animosity in the other nations of the Middle East. In recent years there have been many attempts made toward lasting peace, though none have so far been successful.

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Isaac Mendez creates a painting showing a bus on fire. Three weeks later, he finds a newspaper article about a terrorist attack showing a picture of a bus on fire in Israel with the same bus number.

Comic:Wireless, Part 1

Zahava Gitelman flies for the Israeli Defense Forces in 1967, shooting down two MiGs during the Six Day War.

In Jerusalem, 1989, Abd-Al-Hadi makes a Selbstmord attack, killing Zahava and Hanas Großmutter. Zahava's daughter Hana is hospitalized.

In 1997, Hana tries to enlist in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) at Beer Sheva, but is denied. Instead, she applies for the Mossad (the Israeli Intelligence Agency), is hired, and is quite successful in her work. While there, she is visited by Mr. Bennet.

Comic:Wireless, Part 2

In 1992, three years after Hana's accident, her father sends her to a Tel Aviv psychologist to overcome her trust and abandonment issues.

Comic:Wireless, Part 4

Hana remembers her mother's exuberance in winning the Six-Day War for Israel.

Comic:War Buddies, Part 1

Hana remembers training with at the Israeli Mossad Training Center in 2001. She fights a man who asks if she wants to give up. In response, Hana knees her large opponent in the groin.

Comic:The Death of Hana Gitelman, Part 2

Hana remembers jumping off the roof of her home thirteen years ago, and the advice her family and associates gave her.


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