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Unbekannte Soldaten

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Unbekannte Soldaten
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Bekannte Mitglieder: Amarillo, Austin, Dallas, Loredo, San Antonio
verbundene Orte: Mekong River Delta, Au Cos Dorf, Basis in Vietnam
genutzte Ausstattung: guns, C4 Sprengstoff

In 1968, at the end of the Vietnamkrieg, five soldiers give up their identities and embark on a top-secret mission. An A-4 Skyhawk airplane had crashed a week after bombing was supposed to have ended. Their mission was to destroy all evidence of its being there.


Comic:War Buddies, Part 2

Examining the Lonestar Akte she obtained in the Pentagon archives, Hana Gitelman reads a report about a covert mission during the war in Vietnam in 1968. Five soldiers give up their identities and personal effects to ensure plausible deniability should the mission fail. The soldiers take on codenames: Dallas, the report's author; Loredo, a demolitions expert; San Antonio, a communications officer; Amarillo, a gunboat pilot; and Austin, a medic.

Dallas notes a few things about his team: Loredo was plowing his Dad's farm by age 13, San Antonio was Heavyweight Gold Gloves Champ of Kansas City, MO., Amarillo had a girl named Marcy back home, and Austin always had his nose in a book.

The soldiers proceed down the Mekong in a gunboat. To distract themselves; Dallas, Loredo and San Antonio play cards. When Dallas seems to be winning easily, Loredo quits playing and catches Austin reading an unauthorized personal item. Loredo threatens to throw Austin overboard, but Dallas refuses to make an issue out of it, confessing that he, too, has an unauthorized item: a letter from his wife talking about their son taking his first steps. At that moment, the soldiers are attacked by Viet Cong scouts. Dallas is shot in the abdomen, Loredo is taken out by a sniper's headshot, and Amarillo and San Antonio are killed. After the engagement, only Dallas and Austin remain alive, and Dallas is badly wounded. Austin lays his hands on the wound, and it is instantly completely healed.

Comic:War Buddies, Part 3

Dallas and Austin continue on with their mission. Dallas interrogates a captured Viet Cong soldier, beating him severely and then forcing Austin to use his Fähigkeit to heal the man over and over again. Following the informant's lead, they finally find the downed plane, but the pilots are already dead. Dallas orders Austin to heal the dead pilots, and when Austin replies that he can't, Dallas calls him a freak. Austin recounts how he first used his powers to heal his mother on her deathbed, and how his parents treated him like a freak afterwards.

Dallas and Austin continue on to the downed plane's target: the Vietnamese farming village Au Co. Austin hesitates, but Dallas manages to persuade him to carry out the plane's mission.

Comic:War Buddies, Part 4

Dallas and Austin prepare for their attack on the village of Au Co. A girl seemingly causes enormous plants to sprout from the ground. When Austin realizes she too is an weiterentwickelter Mensch, Dallas remarks that she is the enemy, and Austin is ordered to carry out the attack. After rigging C4 Sprengstoff around the village, Austin and Dallas carry out the attack. In the midst of explosions, a villager cries out to the special girl, calling her "Au Co". Dallas, realizing that the mission was to kill the girl instead of destroying the village, tries to fire, only to be interrupted by Austin.

Comic:War Buddies, Part 5

As Austin kicks him to the ground, Dallas manages to shoot Au Co, carrying out their mission. Austin tries to reach her in time to heal her, but Dallas holds him back, and the girl dies.

At a base, Dallas and Austin file their report, but Austin refuses to corroborate Dallas's fantastic claims about Austin's and Au Co's special Fähigkeiten. Frustrated, Dallas punches Austin.

Later, after being discharged from the military for his wild claims, Dallas sits at home with his wife and infant son. Austin arrives, and apologizes, saying that "great men are willing to make a sacrifice to save the world". The two men introduce themselves using their real names: Austin is "Linderman", and Dallas is "Petrelli".

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