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Webisode:The Recruit, Part 2

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Kann das Serum die Marines vor sich selbst retten?




Rachel Mills is still seated at the table where earlier she was being interrogated by Angela Petrelli. Now, she is being questioned by a large black man named Carlos, who has a distinguished tattoo on his arm, still pressing her for the whereabouts of the Serum. She struggles with the straps binding her to the chair, and Carlos mentions that she is being given something through the iv to suppress here ability. She denies to him, that she is special. She then has a flashback to when the building collapsed, and she teleported across the room as the ceiling fell above her. In this flashback, she is helping David Sullivan splint his broken leg, as fellow marine Ryan re-appears, holding two of the three vials of serum. He admits to taking one, but has yet to manifest an ability. Rachel grabs one from his hand to use to help David, and Ryan shoots at her, giving her the shoulder wound that was scene earlier in her encounter with Angela. At that same time, she injects David, who immediately drops to the ground in convulsive reaction to the serum.


"Where's the third vial? Did you inject yourself with the Serum?"

"Damn right I did. I heard that Tracy chick say it would make us into super-soldiers."

- Rachel Mills, Ryan Hanover


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