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Webisode:The Recruit, Part 3

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Angela hat eine Frage, die Rachel verfolgt: warum tötete sie den Mann, den sie liebte?


  • Angela continues to question Rachel about what happened.
  • Rachel continues to recall what happened next at Pinehearst, but Angela does not believe her.
  • Rachel informs Angela that she destroyed the serum, but then has a flashback of not destroying it.



Still in the unknown Tappen facility, Angela tells Rachel that she wants to help her, but only if she stops lying to her. When Rachel insists she is telling the truth, Angela asks Rachel why she killed David if she promised to help him escape the Pinehearst lab.

Rachel then flashes back to what happened after she injected David with the serum. In Rachel's recollection, David keels over and leans on both hands while growling. Meanwhile, Rachel sits against the wall bracing her shoulder wound and Ryan continues to point his gun at them. While still on all fours and growling, David looks over at Rachel and Ryan fires a round towards David. Still growling, David takes off super fast with his ability and hides nearby. Rachel says for Ryan put the gun down, and when Ryan says he won't, Rachel uses a small piece of metal debris to knock Ryan to the ground. Ryan gets up and prepares to shoot Rachel again; but, before he can, David grabs him, drags him out of view and drops him on the ground. Rachel grabs her flashlight, stands up and spots David watching her. David then races at Rachel super fast, but teleports out of his path to the other side of the room. David turns and spots Rachel and again charges at her super fast, but Rachel has grabbed a pair of scissors and uses them to stab David in the chest.

In present time, Rachel tells Angela that she didn't have any choice but to kill David, and Angela says she understands but will not let her go till she tells Angela where the rest of the serum is. Rachel then tells Angela that seeing what it did, she destroyed it and flashes back to finding a remaining syringe on the ground the cracking it in half. Angela replies that Rachel gave the wrong answer and leaves the room, and Rachel recalls that after destroying the syringe, she still had the vial of serum in her hands that had been inside the syringe.


"We do what we have to do."

"I've noticed."

- Angela, Rachel


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