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Claire's employer.jpg
Darsteller Kevin Christy
Erster Auftritt Wurzel des Bösen
Superkräfte Keine
Wohnort Costa Verde, CA
Tätigkeit Manager bei Sam's Comics

Vic managt Sam's Comics in Costa Verde, CA.

Entwicklung des Charakters

Wurzel des Bösen

Claire applies for the job Alex had in Sam's comics. She was then interviewed and it was realized that Claire can attract more customers to enter the comic book store and was consequently hired for the job.

Later, as Claire's shift ends, the employer gives her some comic books and calls it "homework" for Claire.

Heroes Evolutions

Faction Zero

In chapter 1 of Faction Zero, Vic asks Claire if he can have a day off. Claire reminds him that he is the boss so he decides that he will. Claire then remembers that tomorrow will be New Comic Day and asks him to stay. Vic tells her that he has already entered it into the computer and he then tells a homeless man to leave the shop. Another man then enters the shop and Claire speaks with him while Vic watches. Then, Rachel Mills enters the shop and when Sandra Bennet follows, Claire has Rachel go to Vic. Vic asks Rachel what her power is and she asks what he means. He asks if she is telekinetic or telepathic and Rachel gives an in depth description of the personalities associated with each power. Vic then admits that Rachel is very hot.

In chapter 2 of Faction Zero, Vic asks Claire about Rachel. Claire tells him the truth, that Rachel can kill him quite easily, but he only finds it hot. As Claire speaks with Hiro and Ando, Vic talks with a new customer. Suddenly, he yells for Claire to run. Claire gets Hiro and Ando to hide and Alethea then tells Vic to take the rest of the day off. He later returns and tells Claire that he left because he remembered he left his iron on at home.

In chapter 3 of Faction Zero, Vic asks Claire if she would rather have regeneration or teleportation. Rachel becomes annoyed with him and asks him if he has ever left the store. Vic makes a joke but Claire asks him to set up the window. He salutes her and sets off to do his task.

In chapter 4 of Faction Zero, Vic watches as Claire, Rachel, Micah and the other members of Unity discuss Thompson Jr.'s plans for Sabine Hazel.

In chapter 5 of Faction Zero, Vic avoids talking to Claire and Rachel. Rachel wonders why and Claire tells her that he is upset she gave in her two-weeks-notice. Alex enters the store and says hi to Vic, who immediately offers him a job. Alex accepts, surprising Vic. Alex tells him that he has one more thing to do but then he'll be back to work. Vic then tells Claire that she is fired.

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